Aurecon Vacation Work Programme for Undergraduate Students in South Africa 2017

The Aurecon Vacation Work Programme for undergraduate students brings so much benefit this year. You must be proud as South Africans because you are the main target of the programme. Keep reading this article for fruitful information about the programme.

About Company

Aurecon Vacation Work Programme

Aurecon Vacation Work Programme

If we define the company and the host institution of this Aurecon Vacation Work Programme for undergraduate students, there are many services offered by it. It offers engineering, management, design, planning, project management and consulting services through two based-countries Australia and South Africa. The company actually expands its wings over twenty countries across the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa. It is a merger company of three engineering consultancies. They are Africon, Connell Wagner and Ninham Shand. Today, the company employs around 7500 staff members across the world.

The first company was Africon formed in 1935. For your information, it was top 200 international design firms in the world. Africon was also the largest engineering company in the country. It concerned with transportation, engineering, energy, mining and municipal services.

The second company was Connell. Unlike other two companies, it focused on providing engineering services in Asia Pacific. The coverage areas were water, buildings, transportation, telecommunications, and many more. It concerned at these sectors for over seventy five years.

Lastly, NinhamShand was founded in 1935. It was a leading, privately owned company of engineers and scientists that are very important for the country. It brings many solutions in infrastructure, purification, water resources and many more.

Aurecon owns the elements of those three big companies. It is undoubted to see Aurecon becomes a leading company in engineering consultancies at the moment. They also provide some programmes, including this vacation work.

Job Description

The main location of this Aurecon Vacation Work Programme for undergraduate students is in Tshwane. The students will get some experience on these following sectors, namely Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geotechnical & Geological Engineering. The company will give an opportunity for those who love challenges and learning new things. You will have a better career path in the future. The vacation programme tends to bring the real experience of technical field of the students’ choice. The duration is only for three weeks.

The vacation work will give you:

  • Get a real taste of what it’s like to work at Aurecon and in your chosen field of study
  • Earn some money during your holidays
  • Work on real projects in a supportive environment
  • Learn from and partner with experienced professionals and current graduates
  • Start building your professional network
  • Get a feel for whether a graduate position at Aurecon is right for you

If you wonder about your university or college, it won’t disturb them at all. This Aurecon Vacation Work Programme for undergraduate students is conducted when the university holiday period happens. You will start after you have completed the university exams that are usually in November, December, and January. The online application form can be gained here. You will get skilled in your particular field of study so that it helps you get qualified in the future career. The application process will be closed on 29 September 2017.


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