ELECTRICAL Learnerships 2016 Available at PRASA

A Chance to Get Electrical Learnerships

Why Choose Electrical Learnerships?

Electrical educations are never taught in any school level in the country, whereas the electrical knowledge will take a role in the daily life. The learner of such as this knowledge isn’t as many as the other field. However, learning about an electrical is not easy; it is rather difficult to understand just by knowing the material theory. You not only have to understand the theory but also how to apply it in practical way. And in this case electrical learnerships play a good role. By following this electrical engineering learnerships programmes you are able to practice your theory understanding immediately.

General Information About Electrical Learnerships

electrical learnerships

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Talking about the learnerships programmes you will need some cases which will be so benefits for your information, such as how to apply, the requirements, and so on. As well as this electrical learnership programme, there are some requirements which you should comply. The last level of study (diploma degree is commonly asked) and some science ability are mostly asked by the requirement. You also ought to make a deal with the contract of the learnerships period, it is common to be in 12 till 24 month each learnerships programme (it could be different in each institution). Electrical learnerships in South Africa are also available in some districts.

PRASA ELectrical Engineering Learnership

For electrical learnerships 2016, PRASA Electrical Engineering Learnership is one of the offered learnership programme in the field of electrical engineering. Some science ability which is should be complied are mathematic, engineering sciences, industrial electronics, and electrical trade theory. In this programme you will get some benefits such as monthly stipend, the tool box for training, and free of any costs. Besides, by following this electrical learnerships programme you have a chance to work in such as these fields of work, electrical engineering, electrical technician, and any other electrical field of work.For more informaton, write an email and send it to shlatshwayo@prasa.com or tmolekwa@prasa.com

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