Kuyasa Learnership for Banking Sectors in South Africa

The Kuyasa Learnership for banking sectors focuses in Generic Business Management. If you have much passion in business, you should follow this following program especially for those who have grade-12 qualification. This learnership will take only 12-month period.


Kuyasa Learnership for banking sectors

Kuyasa Learnership for banking sectors

The host institution of the program provides the shortlisted candidates with several things. Firstly, the will host the 1-year program for the candidates with a monthly stipend or allowance. This would be beneficial for you who want to get paid while studying. Secondly, the institution gives on-the-job workplace training, too. It is important to bring the real situation and circumstance of workplace for learning process. Hence, there are not only theoretical training in the program, but also workplace training. For your information, the trainers are professional and accredited by the official institution.

The Kuyasa Learnership for banking sectors focuses on giving contribution in the banking sector of South Africa. For your information, this program is one of the government’s National Skills Development Strategy in reducing poverty and unemployment, which is crucial issue in South Africa. In addition, the banking sector has been changing fast recently. It forces the government to make a fast movement in solving this problem. As stated previously, both theoretical and practical training is available in the program. It will make your knowledge and skill increased properly if you join this learnership. The key role of this sector is the human resources inside.

Here are the following benefits if you have joined the learnership program as follow:

  • Earn monthly stipend,
  • Gain the knowledge in the Banking and Microfinance sector,
  • Gain the real workplace behavior and attitude

Minimum Requirements

There are several requirements that you must know and accomplish in order to be accepted in the Kuyasa Learnership for banking sectors. Minimum requirements are the most important part of learnerships. You have to learn what they want and expect for the candidate. It is almost impossible to win a learnership if your current qualification doesn’t meet the minimum requirement. Without further ado, let’s see the requirements of the program. They are as follow:

  • A completed B degree or a 3 Year Tertiary qualification with major subjects such as Financial Accounting or Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, Marketing, Risk Management, or Law.
  • Major subjects such as Arts, Biblical Instruction, Languages, Geography, Music, History or Production Management will NOT be considered.
  • The BANKSETA welcomes applications from persons with disabilities (Disabled applicants must provide a medical certificate confirming the nature of the disability).

How to Apply

After you have prepared the required documentation, you have to know how to apply the learnership program. According to the official site, the committee ask you to attach:

The Kuyasa Learnership for banking sectors has been available since July 17, 2017 ago. The deadline will come on 31 August. In other words, you still have a month to prepare everything, including downloading the application form. we recommend you to directly download it now before the incoming closing date.


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