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List of South African’s Learnerships 2019 (A – Z)

There are various career opportunities that provided for the South African students. After completing the study, African students can choose to do several things, starting from working on several vacancies, choosing to continue the education through the internship, or getting a training programme such as a learnerships. It becomes one of the favorite programmes in South Africa due to the opportunity of bridging the student with the real working environment. Therefore, it is important to share the popular and available learnership programmes for South Africans in year 2018. If curious on further information, see below on details.


Amathuba Learnerships

This learnerships is provided by Old Mutual, a company that concern in investment, saving, assurance, asset management, banking as well as property. The learnerships programme of this company will enable to obtain a wealth management NFQ Level 4 qualification. Through a 12-month workplace and classroom experience, it will provide an opportunity to work alongside experienced professional to reach a career path as underwriting, financial investments advisor or insurance brokerage. Unfortunately, the application is now closed. However, if want to know further, visit this page for a briefer overview.

Anglo American Learnerships

The learnership programmes of this company also well known as Anglo Platinum Learnerships. As one of the World’s largest mining company, the Anglo American offer an opportunity to enroll in an unemployed programme mainly in the engineering position. For the year 2018, the learnership programme has been closed. However, there still an opportunity to try on next year. For more information on the next learnership programme, visit this page more frequent.

ArcelorMittal Learnerships

ArcelorMittal is a metal company that based in South Africa. The learnership programme of this company targets Youth South Africans who have completed a Grade 12. For more information regarding the learnerships programme, please visit this webpage.


Barloworld Learnerships

Barloworld is a distributor of famous vehicle brands that established in 1902. They represent brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Volkswagen, and others. The learnership programme allows the South African citizen who passes the Grade 12 to join various position for a minimum of 12 months contract. For more information, visit this page.

BHP Billiton Learnerships

BHP Billiton Learnerships are designed to bring opportunities in several career options in mining. It can be as Electricians, Auto Electricians, Fitters, Instrumentation Technicians, Diesel Mechanics, and Boilermakers. Usually, this learnership requires people with N3 Technical or a Grade 12 or Matric with Math and Science. To check available BHP Billiton career opportunities, click here.

BMW Learnerships

BMW is one of the most automotive popular brands in the world. BMW Learnership Programme is conducted by the BMW Technical Training Department. Applicants must have Grade 12 or Standard 10 with Math and Science, at least 50% (higher will be an added advantage). Learnership duration takes up to 3 years and located in Pretoria. For more information click here.

Bytes Technology Learnerships

Bytes Technology combines the learning process and practise in the workplace for its learnership programme. The opportunity is available in many fields such as contact center and computing. Duration of this learnership is about 12 months. Further information can see this page.


Capitec Learnerships

Capitec Learnership is designed for South African who want to get working experiences in Banking. It is one of the most popular banking learnerships in South Africa. For further information about this learnerships visit this page.

CETA Learnerships

CETA stands of Construction Education and Training Authority. Therefore, it provides learnership programme in the construction industry. It targets South African students with Grade 12 certification. The application is performed online by visiting this page. The opportunity usually provided from September to January. Therefore, it is suggested to regularly check the webpage.

Chieta Learnerships

Chieta Learnership is an interesting learnership programme from Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority. Chieta is a public corporation that enhances people skills in the field of chemical and energy sector. The learnerships duration is about 12 months. For further information, it is available on this page.

Coca Cola Learnerships

As one of the largest company in the world, Coca Cola brings a learnership programme for South African students. This learnership is part of the steps to keep company vision to gives benefit to the people of South Africa. Therefore, they open position for a 12 months contract as packaging and warehouse positions in several places. The complete information can be access through this webpage.

Correctional Services Learnership

Correctional Services Learnership is the leading and most favorite learnership programme for South Africans. The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) offers this programme every year and targeted graduated 12 Grade African students. For those who interesting to joint this learnership can access this webpage frequently to get details information.


De Beers Learnerships

De Beers is a famous diamond company in the world. The company operates worldwide, including in Canada, and South Africa. De Beers Learnership offers an opportunity for South African students as part of the company commitment in response to help the South African getting learning and workplace experiences. For more detail information, it is recommended to frequently visit this page.

Denel Learnerships

Dennel Learnership offers some good opportunities in various positions for talented students. The programme is known as Apprentice Training Programme and usually runs in 95 weeks up to 208 weeks. It offers various engineering training for selected candidates. This learnerships offered to South Africa citizen with age 18-24. More detail information is provided on their official webpage.

Department of Education Learnership

Department of Education, South Africa consists of two departments, the Department of Basic Education (www.education.gov.za) and Department of Higher Education and Training (www.dhet.gov.za). These departments provide learnerships programme each year with detail information can be accessed through the University Campus Career Centre.

Department of Health Learnership

Nursing Learnerships may be offered by The Department of Health in Provincial Administration: Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northen Cape, KZN, North West, Limpopo, Free State and Mpumalanga. It looks like the Department of Education, this department’s official website looks like outdated in updating their career page.

This department offers Nursing Learnerships and some programme of learnerships in medical. The positions available in several countries such as KZN and Limpopo. The applicant shall be an African Student with a valid Grade 12 certificate. For further information of this learnership can be accessed through this webpage.

Department of Labor Learnerships

Department of Labor offers learnerships programme for the South African citizen. There are several positions that offered by this department, including in public services, management, law or even nursing. To join with the programme, the candidate shall apply via the department’s new division called ESSA. For more information on the learnerships, visit the webpage.

Department of Public Works Learnership

The learnerships programme from this department offers some scarce positions for young talented South African students. The programme requires valid matrix certificate and applicable for those with age 18 to 25. The learnerships duration is various from 12 months up to 2 years. For specific and detail information of this programme, access this site frequently and get latest updates through it.

Department of Social Development Learnership

Social Development Learnership is suitable for people with high social responsibility. Most of the offered opportunities including to be a social worker, child care or counselor. The applicant shall be willing to travel and located in rural areas. To get more specific information of the requirements, it can access through this site.

Department of Agriculture Learnerships

Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (DAFF) offers DAFF Youth through Junior Landcare Programme. This programme designed to empower South African Youth especially disadvantaged youth in rural areas. Junior Land Care Programme concerns in youth unemployment issues, skills development, school nutrition and other environmental education. To apply for the learnerships programme, it is still using printed application that shall be sent to the Government office. Therefore, this programme usually listed in the University Career Centre.

DHL Learnership

DHL is one of the world’s leading companies in logistics, express services, freight transportation and supply chain. DHL South Africa offers career opportunities at different levels. Further information can access through this site.

Discovery Learnerships

Discovery Learnerships give South Africans the opportunity to choose their field. The learnerships have some fields such as nursery, administrator, contact center, wealth management, and insurance. For more information, it can access through this link.


Edcon Learnership

Edcon Learnership offers an interesting opportunity for smart and dynamic candidates. Specific information can access through the webpage including the application form and the specific requirements.

Engen Learnerships

Engen operates petroleum business and related products in South Africa. The company offers learnerships programme in certain time. For more specific instructions visit their official webpage to get a notice when they open any learnerships programme immediately.

Eskom Learnerships

About 93% of South Africa’s Electricity comes from this company. Therefore, having a career in Eskom becomes a prestigious achievement for South Africans citizen. Both Eskom Vacancies and Eskom Learnerships always get enthusiasm from many students. It offers learnerships in Kriel Power Station, Duvha Power Station, Eskom Real Estate and various business units. Most of Eskom Learnerships require Grade 12, N2, or N3 qualifications. See this official webpage for further information.

Exxaro Learnerships

Exxaro is one of the largest South Africa Coal Companies which invested about 6.8% of employee salaries for Exxaro Training. This training targets about 800 youth South Africans. Over 80% of them were historically disadvantaged South Africans (HDSAs). This training consists of Exxaro learnerships, internships, bursaries and various skills programmes. If looking for more specific information, it can access through this following webpage.


Fasset Learnerships

Fasset is the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority. Fasset collects learnerships from any finance and accounting organizations. The learnerships programme offers various positions in accounting and tax. It targets South African Students and wishes to develop the local working experience. If need specific information on the available or vacant learnership, check on this webpage.


Gijima Learnerships

Gijima is the leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company in South Africa. Gijima offers IT learnerships called as Information Technology Business Learnership Programme (ITBLP). This learnership has some chosen fields related to ICT such as Programmeming in Java/Microsoft.Net/Cobol, Mainframe, Databases (Oracle), ICT Networking and Security. The length of the programme is about 24 months combines both theory and workplace. For more details on this programme can be accessed through this website.

Gold Fields Learnerships

This famous gold mining company is one of the biggest gold mining company in Africa. The company offers learnerships programme of various positions including for engineering. This programme usually open in the early year and close by mid of the year. To get the information of this learnerships programme can be accessed through this webpage.


Home Affairs Learnership

Department of Home Affairs South Africa is looking for potential individuals to join their leadership programme through Home Affairs Vacancies. They offer a graduate learnership programme to South African students with a 3-year National Diploma or Degree or an equivalent NQF Level 7. This programme takes about 18 months in duration. For more information, it can access through the government official webpage or contact the helpdesk at 011 – 3555463.


IBM Learnerships

IBM is a multinational technology and consulting company. IBM is offering career opportunities for South Africans through IBM Vacancies. It offers the various position in IT sections for a Grade 12 graduates. Further application of this programme shall apply via online and can access through the following website.

Implats Learnerships

Impala Platinum or also well known as Implats supplies about 22% of platinum products in the world. This number shows that this company is one of the leading platinum mining company. In the other side, Implats has corporate responsibilities through Implats Learnerships. This programme is a part of the Deputy President instructions to increase skills and alleviation through education for South African graduates. To get specific information about on this learnerships, access this website.


Kelly Learnership

Kelly started the company in 1969 and until today keep giving an opportunity to South African student that interest to follow their learnerships programme. This is a great company that leads to empower woman and brings more opportunities for woman students. If needs further information on the offered learnership programme in this company, it is suggested to access this website.

Kuyasa Learnership

Kuyasa Learnership is one of Bankseta Learnership besides Letsema Learnership. Kuyasa Learnership 2018 offers a one-year learnership programme for South Africans. The request qualification is a minimum of NQF level 5 or 6. To apply and get more information of this learnership, access this website.


Lancet Learnership

Lancet Laboratories is one of the leading pathology laboratories in South Africa. It targets Grade 12 graduates from South African to join as Phlebotomy Learnership Programme that will last for 2 years. For further queries and information about this learnership, email to [email protected].

Letsema Learnership

Letsema Learnership is another learnership programme funded by Bankseta. This programme designed for unemployed matriculant South Africans. Successful candidates will be trained in about 12 months learnership with a monthly stipend. Application for this learnership can be found in this webpage.

Liberty Learnership

Liberty is a growing financial service, insurance, and health products company in South Africa. This company has a special learnership programme to introduce young people in to the financial services sector. The programme targets young people to reach their education goals through bursaries or scholarships. For more information regarding Liberty Learnership, please visit this page.

Lonmin Learnerships

Lonmin was frequently offering learnerships in engineering fields. Lonmin Learnerships require candidates with Grade 12, NQF Level 4 or N2 qualifications. For more information, please visit this page.


Metro Police Learnership

Metro Police Learnerships is offered to Grade 12 graduate students in South Africa. There are many places open the position, such as the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD). For further information can access this webpage.

Microsoft Learnerships

Microsoft works closely with MICT SETA for a training programme through giving learnerships and internships programmes. This programme provides Microsoft Certification training for talented South Africa students. If require more information regarding Microsoft Learnerships and Internships, simply visit this page.

Momentum Learnerships

Momentum helps families by providing financial advice, products, and services. This company offers Graduate Development Programme (GDP) through learnership opportunities. The programme runs in collaboration with INSETA and provides learnerships in some fields such as finance, information technology, and investment. If looking for more information, easily visit this webpage.

Mondi Learnerships

Mondi is one of the world leading paper companies employing around 25,000 workers in over 30 countries. Working in Mondi through learnership programme will be a prestigious advantage especially for South African graduates. The details requirements and how to apply are listed on this site.

MQA Learnerships

Mining Qualifications Authority or MQA is providing services to improve and ensure the health and safety of productivity in the mining industry. Being the part of MQA learnership will receive 40% of theory and 60% of workplace training. For more information regarding MQA Learnerships, including the requirements and the positions, simply visit this page.

MTN Learnerships

MTN South Africa is one of the leading GSM Cellular Operator in South Africa. Working in MTN becomes a favorite career for many students of South Africa. The MTN learnership programmes target youth with age 18 to 35. For more information about learnerships or jobs in MTN, simply read the detail in this webpage.

Multichoice Learnerships

Multichoice Learnerships are education and training that connecting between structured learning (theory) and work experience (practice). The learnership purpose is to obtain a registered qualification on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). For more information of the learnerships opportunities in Multichoice, visit this page.

Murray and Roberts Learnership

Murray and Roberts is an engineering, design, construction, and project management company. The company offers a 12-month graduate development programme to achieve a comprehensive and various career in a world-class organization. This position open for the South African citizen with B Eng., BSc and B Tech. If interesting to join this programme, simply visit this page.


Nampak Learnerships

Nampak is a packaging company in South Africa. Nampak offers a high number of careers for South Africans. Graduate Development Programme from Nampak offers a programme such as learnerships and bursaries for young candidates. You can check available career positions at Nampak on this website.

NYDA Learnerships

NYDA or National Youth Development Agency is an established agency to offers challenges for South Africans. NYDA helps South Africans in getting chances and access to further educations and career opportunities. NYDA information on the available learnerships and bursaries is listed on their official website. For more information on about available opportunities, simply click here.


Rand Water Learnerships

Rand Water is the biggest water service in South Africa. This place offers a various learnership position for unemployed graduates. The requirements are Grade 12 with Math, under 35 years, and must be an unemployed person. Rand Water gives good monthly stipend and supporting benefits. The company asks for some good candidates with a strong will to join with their programme. If feel curious about the requirements, see this webpage for more details.


SAB Learnerships

South African Breweries (SAB) offers Youth Development Programme for unemployed. This programme consists of learnerships/in-service training or internships and bursaries. SAB is in partnership with FOODBEV SETA to ensure that all SAB’s learning programme adhere to the Skills Development Strategy within FOODBEV SETA sector. To see available SAB learnerships and bursaries, please refer to this link.

SABC Learnerships

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) offers learnerships and internships in broadcast engineering, radio production, television operations and other media and broadcast related qualifications. To apply SABC learnerships and internships, including to get more information on the requirements, can visit this page.

Samancor Learnership

Samancor Chrome is a private mining company with join shareholders between BHP Billiton (owns 60%) and Anglo American (owned 40%). This company offers some learnerships programmes as well as bursaries. To get accepted into the programme, the candidates shall pass Grade 12 and South Africa citizen. Information and further queries on this opportunity can email to [email protected].

Sandvik Learnerships

Every year, Sandvik offers an apprenticeship programme and learnerships. This programme gives several opportunities for South African students per year. It has a mutual partnership with Merseta to conduct this training programme. The programme consists of the following trades: millwrights, earthmoving equipment mechanics, auto electricians, electricians, and fitter. If required more information of the vacant learnerships programme, simply refer to this webpage.

Sappi Learnerships

Sappi is a major company that concerns in paper and wood products. This company provides an ideal job for South African graduates through Sappi Learnerships. The company opens several vacant positions of learnerships on process trainees and repairman. To apply this Learnerships and to get further information, it is better to frequently visit this site.

Sapref Learnership

Sapref Oil Refinery offers skills development programme for South African through Sapref learnerships and bursaries. Applicants for Sapref learnership must be Grade 10, 11, or 12. Each learner or the successful applicant will receive monthly funds and benefits. Other than that, they will also receive an important experience that leads to a better future carrier. For more information on this programme and benefits simply email to [email protected].

SAPS Learnership

The South African Police Service (SAPS) offers SAPS Learnership and Basic Police Development Learning Programme (BPDLP). Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years and must have Grade 12 certificate. To join with SAPS is a great opportunity and chance for the South African graduate. For more information about SAPS careers, please refers to this page.

SAQA Learnership

South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) is an entity as a part of Department of Higher Education and Training, South Africa. SAQA collected and published information of any learnerships by SETAs. For further information on collected learnerships by SAQA, can be found here.

SARS Learnership

South African Revenue Service (SARS) offers some learnership programme to the students in Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges. The programme also reaches unemployed graduates as well as matriculants. The offered learnerships positions including forensic accounting, internal auditing, human resources and security studies. To check available SARS Learnership, simply visit this page.

Sasol Learnerships

Sasol offers learnership programme and career opportunities to South Africans graduates. The available learnerships positions in Sasol Learnerships including Chemical Plant Operations, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical operations, Fitting, Turning, Boilermaking, Welding, and Rigging. To apply for this learnerships programme, it needs to have Grade 12 or N3 certificate. For further detail information and how to apply can visit this site.

SASSA Learnership

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a South Africa national agency that ensures the provision of comprehensive social security services against vulnerability and poverty. SASSA is managed under the Department of Social Development, RSA. For more information on available SASSA Learnerships and career opportunities, simply visit this link.

SETA Learnerships

Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) is a vocational skills training organization in South Africa. Some of SETA’s Learnerships including Sasseta, Merseta, Services SETA, Agriseta, INSETA, LGSETA, W&R SETA, FP&M SETA, HWSETA, EWSETA, MICTSETA, CETA, MQA, FoodBev, Chieta, ETDP SETA and other SETAs. All of them have skills development programme through learnerships. For more information on available SETA Learnerships can contact 079589-9384 or learn more here.

Standard Bank Learnership

Standard Bank offers learnership programme that named as Banking Skills Academy. Standard Bank Learnership recruits South Africans unemployed, matriculants as well as graduates to take financial services career experiences. This learnership will take around 12 months of training and available in some cities such as Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Polokwane, Cape Town, Kimberley, Nelspruit, and Bloemfontein. Learners will receive a monthly stipend of and some benefits with final certificates. For more information on the requirements visit this page.


Transnet Learnerships

Transnet has five core business in South Africa: Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), Transnet Port Terminals (TPT), Transnet Engineering (TE), and Transnet Pipelines (TPL). Transnet Freight Rail is a South African rail transport company, formerly known as Spoornet. Transnet offers career opportunities for South Africans graduates. Currently, they open positions and to apply this learnerships, you need to register first at Transnet Career Portal that can be accessed through this page.

Telkom Learnerships

Telkom South Africa SOC Limited is a wireless telecommunication services provider in South Africa. Telkom is currently offering career opportunities for South Africans graduates. The offered positions including IT, sales, marketing, and project management. For further information of the available learnerships, simply visit this page.

Toyota Learnership

The career scheme and learnerships programme that offered by Toyota called as Toyota Graduate Recruitment Programme. This programme is designed for South African graduate students. To apply for this programme, you need to check for the minimum requirements that stated in this webpage.


Unilever Learnership

According to the Unilever South Africa Career Page, they have three career programmes: Unilever Management Trainee Programme, Unilever Future Leaders Programme and Unilever Leadership Internship Programme. The last scheme basically is the same with a learnership programme. To apply the available Unilever Internship/Learnership, please visit this page.

UTi Learnership

UTi offers learnership in some positions such as Project Management, Information Technology, Freight Handling, Freight Forwarding, Business Administration, and Bookkeeping. The learnerships programme asks for qualification of Standard 10 or Grade 12 Certificate. For more information simply try to visit this webpage.


Vodacom Learnerships

Each year, Vodacom offers an internship and a learnership programme to many South African students. A Vodacom Learnership Programme usually will take around 12 months. This programme has various positions such as business administration, commercial, marketing, finance, call center and project management. For further information about on this Learnership or Internship Programme, visit this page.

VW Learnerships

For many years, VW Group in South Africa provides opportunities for South African graduates. VW has a Graduate Trainee Programme for some positions. It includes engineering, sales and marketing, finance, information technology, human resources, purchasing, logistics, corporate communications and public relations. For further information of this VW Learnership/Trainee, go visit this page.

Those all the lists of South African’s learnership that usually available every year. To get more updates in the learnerships programme, it is recommended to always check for the listed websites. Therefore, when the learnerships programme is vacant, then you can directly apply for the position. Through getting a better career, it can lead to a better life too. Good luck!