A Complete Guide to Altron Bytes Learnership

The key to gaining both personal and professional growth as an individual is extremely important in the seemingly fast-paced world. Thus, gaining new knowledge and mastering new skills almost every day in the present time has become a crucial necessity more than ever. This is true especially for those who are preparing for a fresh start on the employment world, and also for those who are thinking of a career shift. Hence, Altron Bytes Learnership Programme was designed to fulfill the increasing demand for quality education.

Altron Bytes Learnership

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Altron Bytes Learnership Programme was offered by Altron Bytes People Solution, a notable provider of skills development and hands-on training based in South Africa. With an experience for over 20 years, the organisation has delivered plenty of fruitful courses and learnership programmes which helped thousands of South African youths to land their dream jobs.

Emphasizing the implementation of state-of-the-art technology on their multiple learning solutions, Altron Bytes has successfully empowered people and facilitated them to impart to the nation’s economic growth. The fruit-bearing results can be seen through the establishment of its “Business Process Outsource” (BPO) services that proffer abundant job openings for the course-takers that make it possible for them to apply for a job as soon as they complete the course. Not only do the services benefit the individuals, but also the businesses which are part of the Altron Bytes’ network.

As quoted from its official website, Altron Bytes is “committed to making South Africa a better place and changing lives through true skills development.” For this reason, the company actively holds multiple learnership and internship openings throughout the year to accommodate excellent fellows on enhancing their work-related capabilities.

The information provided below will give you a better understanding of what the Altron Bytes Learnership Programme is, what the requirements are, and several other relevant details to seamlessly aid you through the application process.

Altron Bytes Learnership Overview

Altron Bytes People Solution openly invites South African youths who demonstrate great interest in improving themselves while at the same time are committed to making a significant impact on South Africa’s future economic success through its learnership programmes.

The company understands that unemployment is one of the most devastating issues that South Africa is currently facing, with the rate of unemployment remains to soar each year. Noticing the importance of being employed for the workless people, as well as those people with disabilities, Altron Bytes Learnership Programme was created to aid them in acquiring new skills that boost the possibility of attracting prospective employers.

The programme is designed to give the learners all the required skills to become a capable worker. This way, it is hoped that they can meet potential employers who notice their competence which is the best fit for their business needs.

The company welcomes qualifying individuals from all backgrounds, including people with disabilities, to apply for an Altron Bytes Learnership Programme. The training will be run in the course of a year. After completing the training, learners will be granted a qualification according to the position applied. The knowledge and practical skills learned will benefit them to secure their dream jobs, further their ongoing career, or personally improve themselves in general.

Eligibility Requirements

As it is nearly impossible to accept all candidates who apply for the training scheme, Altron Bytes People Solution regulates a set of requirements that have to be fulfilled by participants to be qualified for the opportunity.

If you wish to apply, you are obligated to meet the following eligibility requirements to qualify.

First, you have to be a legal South African citizen or permanent resident who holds a legitimate ID card. You must not be older than 35 years old or younger than 18 years old of age when you are applying. The selection committee will ask you to prove your Matric completion, so you have to provide a valid Grade 12 certificate alongside with your application form. Altron Bytes People Solution does not accept individuals who have a criminal record previously. If you unfortunately cannot show a clear criminal record upon submitting the form, then you are not allowed to apply. Those who have good English communication and interpersonal skills are highly favored by the company.

Note that the programme is exclusively open for those who are unemployed and not currently studying full time, although candidates with a diploma or degree in their field are encouraged to apply. Altron Bytes Learnership Programme is open for people with disabilities as well. Hence, a valid medical certificate will be required for them as one of the eligibility requirements to pass the selection process.

Ensure that you are the candidate the organisation is looking for by fulfilling all the predetermined criteria above. Next, read the following explanation on how you can apply for the training scheme.

How to Apply

The application for the training scheme can be done online. On your browser, visit Altron Bytes Learnership Programme’s official webpage here. You will be directed to the registration page.

There, you have to fill an application form. You have to input various data, including:

  1. Personal Information (complete name, email address, alternative email, phone number, alternative phone number, ID number, gender, demographic, current domicile, your inclination to be relocated if requested)
  2. Additional Questionaire (“Are you a South African citizen?”, “Are you between the age of 18-35?”, “What is your highest completed qualification?”, “What type of learnership are you interested in?”, “Have you ever been on any other learnership programme or internship before?”, and “Do you have a disability?”)
  3. Latest Curriculum Vitae (maximum file size 4,000 kB)
  4. Identification Document (maximum file size 4,000 kB)
  5. Matric Certificate (maximum file size 4,000 kB)
  6. Proof of Qualifications (maximum file size 4,000 kB)
  7. Medical Certificate (applicable to people with disabilities only; maximum file size 4,000 kB)
  8. Data Privacy Statement

You can click on the “Save Progress” button on the right-top of the page to save your data and continue filling the remainings later. Or, you can click on the “Submit” button at the end of the page if you have completed all the required fields. By doing this, your application form is automatically submitted and the selection committee will review it to determine whether you are entitled to the learnership.

Closing Dates

Although the company doesn’t precisely mention when the application is closed, it is safe to prepare the necessary documentation ahead of time. Visit the official website on the link provided below from time to time to ensure that you do not miss the opening.

Contact Details

If you have inquiries regarding the Altron Bytes Learnership Programme, contact the number and email address below, or mail your questions to the listed address.

Altron Bytes People Solution Head Office
Altron Campus
Block B, 241 3rd Road
Halfway Gardens
Midrand 1685

Tel: +27 (11) 205-8970
Email: Altron.BPScomms@altron.com

Official Website

Further information about the training programme is accessible through Altron Bytes People Solutions’ official website at www.altronbps.co.za.

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