Anglo American Learnership: Programme and Application

Being one of the global mining companies in South Africa, Anglo American has invited people to develop their skills through Anglo American Learnership programmes. This mining company has got extraordinary team that will guide you developing your skills to build a better career.

The company wants to find the very best talents out of both matriculants and graduates who are able to help them make a brighter future. The learnership offer a lifetime opportunity to enhance your skills and work experience. Moreover, by joining the learnership programmes you will also contribute to their business start from the day you first join the programmes. Below you can find relevant detail information on the learnership.

anglo american learnership

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Types of Learnership of Anglo American

Talking about learnership programmes, Anglo American has got two types of learnerships. The first one is Internal Mining Learnership. The External Mining Learnership is the other learnership programme in Anglo American.

The internal mining learnership refers to learnership programe for the employees of Anglo American. These internal learners are defined in the Skills Development legislation.On the contrary, the external mining leadership is for external employees or not Anglo American employers.

The learnership mainly focuses on mining and engineering learnerships. When learners have completed the learnerships the company will send them to the post based on their qualifications.

The Anglo American Learnership Programmes

As one of the largest mining companies in the country, Anglo American targets to create stable contribution to the country’s and it’s people’s development. That’s why the company offer learnerships programme every year. People will be able to find various learneship opportunities across different region in the country.

There is a varied options of learnership programmes in the different section of Anglo American. The programmes consist of theoretical as well as practical training. Some of Anglo American Learnership programmes are electrical engineering, fitting and machining, boilermakers, diesel mechanic, to instrument mechanicians learnership.

As for electrical engineering learnership, it requires the learners to work for the company. Moreover, the company will take care the cost of the learnership. Moreover, the training provider provides the theoretical training while the practical training will take place in the workplace. If learners have completed the learnership they can enter the fields of mine manager, mine engineer, to electrical engineer.

The following learnership is fitting and machining learnership. If you like to work with tools, with steel, underground, on the surface, and more, learnership of fitting and machining is the best option. When the learnership is over, learners will be able to work in these career fields of fitter, machinist, winder, and more.

The Learnership Training Programmes 

Like we mention before, Anglo American Learnership has got training programmes of both theoretical and practical training programmes. Anglo American learnership has got learnership programmes training schedule every year. There are 2 kinds of trainings: trimester training and semester training.

Trimester training is divided into 3 phase: trimester 1, trimester 2, and trimester 3. The duration takes around 15 days to 90 days from January to early December. As for semester training, it consists of two semesters training with three training phase. The trainings consist of basic training, advanced training and preparation and test. The duration of the training is around 76 days to 115 days.

The Requirements of Anglo American Learnership

Anglo American is an international mining company that do not only mine but also produce different kinds of mine stuff like copper, coal, diamonds, platinum and many more. They have offered people mining leadership programmes which will help you enhance your skills and explore your real capability.

Therefore, if you match the requirements of the Anglo American Learnership it is the best opportunity to take part the programmes. Here are the basic requirements you need to qualify to join the learnership. First of all, you have to be a South African citizen. Having completed Matriculation or Grade 12 or Technical N3 with mathematics literacy or mathematics is a must. Besides, it will be more advantageous if you passed the physical science.

Furthermore, having a high regard for safety and an excellent safety record is the requirement as well. Next, owning a valid South African driver license is also required for the learnership. The learnership programme requires you to pass a VTA or Vienna Testing System as well as receive medical assessment or certificate of fitness before you start the learnership.

The Application of the Learnership

Once you found the offer of learnership from the company, prepare the application. Most company prefer using internet regarding on applications as it is easier and practical. So, you can apply Anglo American learnership via online and you can only do it through the Anglo American job portal.

Here are things you need to do to apply for learnership of Anglo American. Go to the official Anglo American careers website is the first step. Once you already get in to the career website, in the keyword search box type and insert the word “learnership”. After that, choose the position you would like to apply for and select the “Apply Now” button.

Furthermore, you need to enter your email address, personal details as well as contact information, qualifications and study. Later, you will also have to upload the supporting certifications and documentations including CV. Please be sure that you have signed the application form yourself. If the company gives no response within 30 days of closing date means that you aren’t successful. Additionally, the application is only via online. The company will not accept faxed or emailed forms.

Learnership Conditions

A lot of matriculants and graduates are eager to take part in Anglo American Learnership programmes. They want to be able to work in such a global company as Anglo American. Of course they need to have the qualifications and skills the company requires. The learnership is available for those people who possess the necessary qualification.

Beforehand, there are a few conditions they need to know before a learner join the learnership. The learners have to be ready to work underground and in “dusty areas” of plants as well as an eleven-day fortnight shift. The second condition is that the learners have to pass medical certificate of fitness as well as the relevant RFA (Rehabilitation Functionality Assessment).

Additionally, the candidate selection will be the accordance of Anglo American selection and recruitment procedure. Besides, the company will not consider all incomplete CV’s and applications. Next, be sure that you mention the learnership post that you would like to apply for.

Additionally, the company doesn’t pay for accommodation, meal costs, and transport at the time of practical training it is better for you to apply for a learnership in the region closest to where you live.

The Learnership Agreement or Contract

The agreement or contract of the learnership is a legal one signed between the employer, learner and training provider. The agreement aims to clarify the tasks as well as duties between the employer, the learner, and training provider as well.

An employer who accepts unemployed learners for learnership has to give them an employment contract at the length of the training programmes. Before a learner performs the learnership and after the learner completed the learnership successfully, the employer requires them to sign some contracts.

First, the learner has to sign exposure learning contract. It is a contract that states the learner commits themselves to do as the company requires and receives the minimum N2 or any relevant subject necessary for qualifying the learnership.

In addition, the learner also have to sign learnership contract where they obligate themselves to do what the company requires. They have to complete all essential modules within certain period of time as well.

However, the agreement or contract can also be terminated under specified circumstances. If the employer is the one that terminates the contract, they still have to pay the learner some money. In fact, a learner is even able to terminate the contract for a reason. The employer must keep the contract for three years of the termination of the learnership.

In addition, if a learner can’t understand the contract, the employer has to make sure that they explain the contract to the learner in a manner and a language are understandable for the learner.

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Anglo American Learnership provides opportunities for South African people to develop their skills and obtain work experience so that they will be ready enough to face the real work environment. Anglo American offers various learnership programmes in all over the country. Additionally, the learnership also providing training programmes in a year that learners must complete with the aim of getting the qualification and certificates.

Furthermore, in order to take part the learnership programmes there are requirements that learners must qualify. Besides, he learners have to send the application of the learnership online only and not more than the closing date. There are conditions the learners should pay attention before they apply.

Anglo American provides learnership programmes to help people of South Africa whether they are students, matriculants or graduates to enhance their skills. So, for you who want to sharpen and develop your skills to prepare for work environment, learnership programme is remarkably great for backing up your future plan.

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