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Mediclinic Vacancies for Grade 12 Applicants

Mediclinic is now offering a job position for grade 12 qualification holders. It is a good chance especially for those who want to work in a hospital. The vacancy looks for CSSD Assistant. Prepare your application before the deadline. About Company Mediclinic is a

Lonmin Vacancies in the Mining Industry

About Lonmin Lonmin is a company that basically operates in the mining industry, especially in Johannesburg and London. They mainly focus in the extraction, discovery, refinement, and also marketing of the PGM (Platinum Group Metals). With such description, it is safe to say that

SANDF Vacancies in Military or Government Area

A Brief of SANDF Vacancies If you have been interested in working for the military or the government in the defense area, you are probably going to like the SANDF vacancies. People have their own interest and preferences. Some people like working in the

Woolworths Vacancies and Career Opportunities

Never underestimate the Woolworths vacancies as the business that ‘only’ runs in the clothing sector. After all, clothing business is one of the biggest industries in the world. Can you imagine what the world would be without them? Can you imagine people without their

Improve Yourself with NAMPAK Vacancies

A Glimpse about Nampak and the Business Nampak is basically one of the biggest packaging companies in Africa. The company has only the best products, offering various types of items such as plastic, paper, metal, and even glass. As one of the biggest companies

SAPPI Invites You to Join Them!

SAPPI Vacancies: A Pathway to Your Dream   What so special about SAPPI vacancies, anyway? You are probably wondering about that, asking yourself why people would be interested in working for paper pulp industry. Well, people have their own interest and specific like. Some

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