5+ Best Learnerships for Matriculants in South Africa

As a matriculant, it can be overwhelming to find what jobs to apply that fit your current specification. But hey, do you know that by applying to certain learnerships for matriculants can help you to unveil that seemingly unsolved problem?

Learnerships for Matriculants

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For years since its first creation, learnerships have been seen as one of the most effective strategies to decrease unemployment in South Africa (for the government) and the most low-cost method for businesses and companies to outsource quality human capital. Surprisingly, most graduates and matriculants also favor learnerships a lot as they have been proven to help them with their career and personal development.

Learnerships are available for all types of learners, from all backgrounds of education. Today, we have compiled the best learnerships for matriculants. Here are some of the openings that you have to consider to apply for:

1. South Africa Cargo Services Learnership Programmes

South Africa Cargo Services is a South African company that facilitates the movement of cargo in support of local, regional and global trade and industry by offering a wide range of loading and discharging services of all types of cargo in many ports across the country. The company has over 25 years of experience within the industry, entitling it as one of the best cargo providers in South Africa.

South Africa Cargo Services currently opens several learnership opportunities for matriculants in many positions, including:

  • Logistic Admin Graduate Trainee
  • Office Administrator Graduate Trainee
  • Human Resources Graduate Trainee
  • Note that the requirements for each of these learnerships for matriculants vary. Look at the detailed explanation described below.

1. Logistic Admin Graduate Trainee

To qualify for this training, you must have completed Grade 12 and prove the Matric certificate or obtained a degree or diploma in logistics, warehousing, and supply chain. You must also demonstrate fluent computer literacy. As a successful candidate, you will learn how to do data capturing, planning of shipment, run the administrative task, supporting the supply chain system, and tracking orders. Even though it is not clearly stated how long the programme is stretched out, South Africa Cargo Services will provide you with R3,000.00 – R3,600.00 worth of monthly allowance during the training.

2. Office Administrator Graduate Trainee

The South Africa Cargo Services’ Office Administrator Graduate Trainee is available for those who have completed Grade 12 or Matric, or those who possess a Diploma in Administration. It is also urged that applicants have great computer literacy, especially in Microsoft Excel. During the training, learners will be taught about how to do data capturing and order processing. Also, learners will be exposed to a dynamic work culture where they can attend the meeting and take minutes, and support all the stakeholders, include HR, sales, ops, and finances. The duration of the programme is unspecified, but each successful candidate will earn R3,000.00 – R3,600.00 per month.

3. Human Resources Graduate Trainee

This training is designed for those with a Matric certificate and Diploma in Human Resource, who have computer literacy, especially in Microsoft Excel. As a trainee, you will be taught how to do an update on employees’ absence records, filing HR documents, and assist in shortlisting. As with the previous two learnerships, the South Africa Cargo Services provide applicants of this learnership with a monthly allowance, too.

These programmes will be held in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. To apply, please proceed to these links:

2. ADvTech Learnership for People with Disability

AdvTech is a Johannesburg-based company that was established to fulfill the demand for quality education and resourcing in South Africa. It is reported to have been actively participating in developing the individual growth and human capital of South Africa. As a recruiter, it always runs training and learnership programmes for matriculants and graduates.

This time, ADvTech opens a learnership opportunity for people with disabilities. The programme stretches for six months in Johannesburg, South Africa. Each month, the successful candidate will receive R10,000 of pocket money. The learnership is designed specifically to boost the skills of unemployed disabled graduates.

To apply for the learnership, you have to fulfill the following minimal criteria:

  • You must show a promising track record of past achievements.
  • You have to demonstrate a need and strong desire for accomplishment and growth.
  • You must have completed Grade 12 by the time of applying.

If you are interested to be a part of this helpful programme, please upload your latest Curriculum Vitae with the relevant documents here, and fill the provided application form.

3. SelectOne Learnership

If you have always been intrigued to earn a career that allows you to serve and help others, being a customer service representative is one of a good way to realise your dream.

Hence, the next learnerships for matriculants are targeted for aspiring South African youths who dream to work as a CSR. The learnership programme offered by SelectOne is a well-structured training for matriculants to gain knowledge and practical skills in the workplace. It will lead to a qualification that is registered on the NQF, and automatically ensures the higher rate of employment opportunity post-training.

During the training that will last for a year, you will be assigned to a team where you can closely observe how to serve potential customers of your business and respond to their queries and requests, provide information and documentation, and bridge them to the other stakeholders within the company.

You are qualified to apply if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have to complete Grade 12 or earn a Matric certificate
  • Previous work experience in the relevant fields is highly desirable.
  • You have not earned any learnership opportunity before.
  • You are not currently employed or studying full time.
  • People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
  • You must demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills, as well as be presentable to be the best fit for the offered position.
  • Unfortunately, candidates with any prior criminal record are forbidden to apply.

If you wish to apply for this learnership, please visit SelectOne Learnership Programme’s official webpage here.

4. DVT Learnership Programme

Johannesburg-based Dynamic Visual Technologies (DVT) Learnership Programme at Johannesburg is a great opportunity for you to broaden your knowledge and skills for your future career. DVT opens a learnership for matriculants who wish to gain hands-on working experience from the renowned masters of the field to become an IT or business professional.

With 20 years of experience in its field, DVT has helped more than 100 satisfied clients to boost their businesses and achieve desirable results. Also, the company has successfully educated 100+ learners and graduates to set foot on their dream career.

The learnership programme runs for 2 years, in which it leads to an NQF qualification. It is currently open for recruitments in two different divisions: Finance Bookkeeping and IT Systems Development. During the first year of both learnerships, you will have to go through a series of assessments to obtain your NQF level 5. Then, for the following 12 months, you will have to level up your NQF qualification to a higher degree.

To qualify for this learnership, these following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Candidates must have completed Grade 12 with Matric in Mathematics and show strong academic results.
  • Applicants have to show great enthusiasm for IT/Finance.
  • Selected candidates have to demonstrate a strong commitment to work hard and learn continuously.

If you have what it takes to be part of this amazing chance, apply now by clicking here.

5. Afrika Tikkun Learnership for People with Disability

Afrika Tikkun Learnership Programme in the field of Production Technology is currently available for applications for people with disabilities.

You will be granted a qualification in the relating field after completing the learnership. You will gain knowledge and practical skills that broaden your understanding of Production Technology. During the learnership, Afrika Tikkun gives all their successful candidates with exposure to the company’s best know-how on providing satisfying solutions for clients.

Check out the requirements below to see whether you have what it takes to be part of this learnership:

  • You must have completed Grade 12 with Matric certification.
  • You must not be older than 29 years old of age when applying.
  • Residents of Johannesburg and surrounding cities are welcomed to apply.

Apply now by visiting this link.

Final thoughts

If you are looking at the right place, there will always be countless opportunities for you to explore. These learnerships for matriculants are crafted carefully to fit the needs of unemployed South African youths. Look for what precisely entices you the most, and put your determination to secure the position.

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