Mercedes-Benz South Africa Graduate Development Programme (GDP) 2018/2019 Carrier Opportunity

Mercedes-Benz South Africa Graduate Development Programme (GDP) 2018/2019 Carrier Opportunity. The Graduate Programme of South Africa’s Mercedes-Benz (GDP) 2018/2019 is open for the latest opportunities. This is only for qualified graduates. If you are one of the new graduates who have an interest in MBSA talent pools integrally, please prepare yourself.

As we know, Mercedes Benz is a very popular car product and still has a high level of prestige among the world community. It is a prestige and when you can be one of them. Fortunate for those of you who graduated to achieve this extraordinary to follow the development programme that they open for the period 2018/2019.

While the advantages that you get if received in the development of this programme are:

  • A tactical experience in a field that suits your studies
  • The facilities and surroundings are world class standard
  • Opportunity to apply for positions related to Mercedes bens organization
  • Coaching and mentoring world-class

Mercedes-Benz South Africa Graduate Development Programme (GDP) 2018/2019 Description:

This is a development programme for the integral part of talent pool that is not unexpectedly actually open for fresh graduated, but of course with strict qualifications.

What is included in their qualification?

  1. Fresh graduate with qualifications in your actions should have the following advantages:
  2. Minimum 3 years after graduation
  3. South Africans (permanent resident)
  4. Preferred for the Eastern Cape in this application programme
  5. For those who graduated, will be in special condition that is required to have NQF 6 or more
  6. Grade 12 with high math and science value
  7. Have signs of passing more than 65%
  8. Have a career interest in the following areas;
  • Mechanical-electrical and industrial engineering, and mechatronics
  • Technical Shop
  • Logistics
  • IT Programmer, Computer science information system and also production management.
  1. Please also note these requirements to implement this programme:
  • Make a complete job application
  • Create a vitae curriculum with support in small / resized pdf format
  • Soft copy ID South Africa
  • Active email and contact number as well as current address.

But there are those who need to be more to take notice for the readers, for foreigners who wish to apply for this opportunity, they must be eligible for a working visa or work permit. This will be in accordance with the provisions of immigration law no. 13, 2002. On equality in accordance with labor balance law (number 58, 1998) and Code of good practice to build people with disabilities.

In this Mercedes-Benz South Africa Graduate Development Programme (GDP) 2018/2019 is wide for customers who are able to meet the above qualifications and requirements. Mercedes is also proud to be able to realize the development of their dream programme by using new talents that exist in the new graduates.

That’s it all the information of Mercedes-Benz South Africa Graduate Development Programme (GDP) 2018/2019 opportunity we can share to you, hopefully you can pass all the test and get really in to their qualification and requirements. Good luck!


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