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Momentum Graduate Development Programmes

About Momentum

Momentum Group Limited (now MMI Group Limited) is a financial services provider based in South Africa. It is part of the MMI Holdings Limited, a company formed as a result of the merger between Metropolitan and Momentum Group in 2010, and is South Africa’s largest life insurance group, with a 122-year underwriting history. The MMI Holdings is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in South Africa and on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSE) in Namibia, and has subsidiaries in Botswana, Ghana, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia. The Group helps people grow their savings, protect what matters to them and invest for the future. It also helps companies and organisations care for and reward their employees and members. MMI provides practical financial solutions for people, communities and businesses through its network of advisers or via independent brokers and by utilising new platforms. MMI’s brands include Metropolitan and Momentum, Guardrisk, and Eris Property Group – each with its own functions in the financial sector.


As of Momentum, it is a large, diversified and well capitalised life insurance underwriter which has served as a consolidation vehicle since 1891. Its core businesses are long and short-term insurance, asset management, investments and savings, healthcare, employee, benefits, life insurance, personal loans and Multiply (a wellness and rewards programme); through which Momentum’s vision is to offer customers products to help them reach their financial goals and life aspirations.

From short-term insurance and medical cover to pre- and post-retirement planning, Momentum is the one-stop asset management and insurance shop, which is also humble and accessible. More than just an insurance company, Momentum provides individuals and businesses with financial advice and investment opportunities. The company has grown to become one of the foremost financial service providers in South Africa, including even funeral cover.

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The Momentum Short-term Insurance policies include insurance for cars, trailers, caravans, motorbikes and bicycles, buildings, contents and portable possessions as well as watercraft insurance.

The Momentum Health medical aid does not only help people to safeguard and improve their health, but also preserves and grows their wealth – offering free preventative screenings and savings on contributions also a strong claims paying ability. The Momentum Medical Scheme Administrators is the fourth largest medical administrator in the country and the first to offer a compliance incentive to its clients. The benefits include Health Saver, Health Waiver (should the principal on the policy be unable tto pay for medical insurance premium as a result of death or disability) and Health Funder (a post-retirement medical product).

The Momentum insurance also customises business insurance policies to meet the risks associated with the client’s line of work. Its range of business insurance can include employee benefits, such as retirement administration.

Momentum Graduate Development Programmes

Momentum is a South African company that values the effort and spirit that every individual living in the country makes and has to help South Africans fulfil their lifelong financial goals. The company aims to guide its clients on their journey to achieve financial wellness by offering leading advice, insurance, investments and health products and services. The values (accountability, diversity, excellence, innovation, integrity and teamwork) Momentum upholds enable the company to communicate simply, clearly and effectively – helping the company build enduring partnerships with its clients.

The Momentum brand has built a reputation as a committed social investor, supporting communities across South Africa. It has done this with the support of the MMI Foundation (NPC), the social investment arm of MMI Holdings. Momentum’s ambition is to see one of the country’s biggest assets, the young generation, empowered and financially well. The company’s financial literacy programmes are a key component to this.

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Momentum is aware that it is inescapably tied to the welfare of communities around it and that it needs to work for their betterment as an organisation. As Momentum’s manifestation of its responsibility for the society, specifically South Africa’s young generation, the company offers Graduate Development Programmes for graduates that have the desire to enter the financial services sector. Through these programmes, graduates will acquire business skill and knowledge as well as experience in the finance, information technology and investment fields through learnership opportunities.

The Momentum Graduate Programmes are run by the company’s Skills Development Unit in collaboration with the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA), providing opportunities to previously disadvantaged groups. The programme takes up to 12 months of duration – just enough time to prepare graduates for a career in the financial sector. The graduates will be deployed to work on real industry projects and will be integrated into interdisciplinary teams where they can put the financial principles they’ve learnt to the test.

Requirements for Enrolment in Momentum Graduate Development Programmes

Graduates who satisfy in the following requirements are welcome to apply for the Momentum Graduate Development Programmes.

  • A South African citizen or permanent resident – a certified copy of personal identity document (ID) must be attached to the application
  • Have completed Matric (required subjects and minimum grades vary in each position)
  • Have completed a degree in the respective fields of study in accordance with the position graduates are applying for – certified copies of certificate and academic records / transcripts must be attached to the application
  • Submit a brief Curriculum Vitae (CV) / resume to the application
  • Be able to show evidence of conceptual thinking and research abilities
  • Be conversant in English
  • Present a portfolio that showcases a mix of different skills
  • Be ready to make a change for the better
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Special pre-requisites may be required in each position. Please visit for further details.

How to Apply for an Enrolment in a Momentum Graduate Development Programme

Graduates who meet the requirements may apply for the Graduate Development Programme on the official recruitment website,, when it is available, or they can send the aforementioned application documents to [email protected] Files sent to the address should not exceed the maximum size of 10mb.

On the recruitment website, graduates that are applying should create an account before they can apply for a position. By creating an account, graduates can upload their CV / resume, apply for opportunities and access the online career tools.

Graduates whose applications are successful will receive a notification on further recruitment stage. Therefore, they are suggested to stay up to date on the recruitment process.

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