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Nampak Graduate Development Programme

About Nampak

Nampak is a South African company based in Johannesburg, South Africa that specialises in the manufacturing and design of packaging. The company produces packaging in glass, paper, metals and plastic. Founded in 1968, Nampak has become the largest diversified packaging company in Africa and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limited (JSE) under the symbol NPK since 1969.  The company is headquartered in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa and has operations in a number of locations worldwide, including Nigeria, Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The main areas served by Nampak are most of the countries in Africa and the United Kingdom – with being the market leader in the supply of beverage cans in South Africa and Angola; the leading supplier of beverage cans in Nigeria; and the leading supplier of plastic bottles to the dairy industry in the United Kingdom.

The company’s subsidiary, BevCan, is one of the largest producers of aluminium cans in Africa. Meanwhile, the subsidiary DivFood is one of the largest producers of metal cans for canning, aerosols and metal containers in Africa. Nampak is currently focusing on expanding its operations into the rest of the continent.

Nampak’s strategy in building and developing the business has two focus areas:

  1. Unlock further values from base business
  • Active portfolio management including possible divestitures
  • Stringent cost management
  • Working capital management
  • Business process improvement:
  • Buy better – streamline procurement process
  • Make better – operational excellence, safety and efficiency
  • Sell better – margin expansion, customer portfolio management
  • Invest to compete
  1. Accelerate Africa growth
  • Growth through greenfield investment and acquisitions in metals, glass and plastics
  • Growth at a reasonable and sustainable return
  • Partner with major multinational customers
  • Sensibly manage and grow presence in current jurisdictions
  • Build market base through exports
  • Diversity manufacturing to other Nampak products
  • Build on existing hubs
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Nampak participates in extensive collection and recycling initiatives and continues to invest significant time and resources in the development of more sustainable products. Its world-class research and development facility based in Cape Town provides technical and product development support to the business, as well as to the company’s customers.

Nampak Graduate Development Programmes

Nampak offers a Graduate Development Programme for young people who are eager to gain experience in their chosen field of study. The Nampak Graduate Development Programme provides the opportunity for the students to begin a journey that is equally hands-on and minds-on while earning a market-related salary and package. The programme is a great start to boost up the student’s knowledge and skills to improve their performance in the industry.

The Graduate Development Programme takes up to 18 months of duration. During this time, the graduate trainees will be developed and coached by technical experts in their respective fields. The trainees will be introduced to a broad spectrum of dynamics that facilitate significant learning experiences while developing generalist and specialist fields. They will be trained both formally and informally and will be given an amount of opportunities to take part in various engaging projects. Trainees will be mentored throughout the programme by the company’s senior leaders and decision makers into building business acumen and creating a strategic context for the trainee’s particular field of interest and developing professional networks.

Nampak upholds a culture of continuous learning and development. The blended learning approaches allow young people to develop personal mastery, technical and business competence, as well as an appreciation of social responsibility.

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Careers at Nampak cover many professional disciplines, including:

  • Accounting / Finance
  • Engineering – Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical and Electrical
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology / Business Systems
  • Logistics / Supply Chain
  • Production / Manufacturing

 Nampak Graduate Development Programme Prerequisites

Potential students are encouraged to apply for the Nampak Graduate Development Programme as it is an engaging and promising track to boost the student’s performance and prepare them to be successful in their professional career. This competitive programme requires students to obtain the following prerequisites in order to be admitted in the opportunity.

  • Applicants must be a South African citizen or permanent resident
  • They must hold a relevant Bachelor Degree
  • They must have completed studies or are currently in the final year of study
  • Required qualifications vary for each position in the Graduate Development Programme.
  • Mechanical Engineering: BSc Mechanical Engineering or equivalent (in the final year of study or have completed the degree)
  • Supply Chain / Logistics: B.Com Supply Chain / Logistics or equivalent (in the final year of study or have completed the degree)
  • Industrial Engineering: BSc Industrial Engineering or equivalent (in the final year of study or have completed the degree)
  • Sales and Marketing: B.Com Marketing or equivalent (in the final year of study or have completed the degree)
  • Chemical Engineering: BSc Chemical Engineering or equivalent (in the final year of study or have completed the degree)
  • Electrical Engineering: BSc Electrical Engineering or equivalent (in the final year of study or have completed the degree)
  • Human Resources: B.Com Human Resources or equivalent (in the final year of study or have completed the degree)
  • Finance: B.Com / B.Compt Finance / Accounting or equivalent (in the final year of study or have completed the degree)
  • They must have good academic results in every subject throughout every year of their study
  • They must have completed Matric or Grade 12 with Mathematics and Science, each with a minimum of 50% or NCV Level 3
  • They must possess excellent mechanical and technical abilities or knowledge
  • They must be a computer literate or are familiar with MS Office – at least MS Word and MS Excel
  • They must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills
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Due to the highly competitive nature of the programme, positions are limited. Therefore, applicants must ensure that they are able to compete by their satisfying grades and strong competencies.

How to Apply

To apply for the Nampak Graduate Development Programme, applicants may firstly want to visit the official recruitment website to check if there are any available opportunities. Once applicants have decided on which position they want to apply for, they may create an account on the website. After creating the account, they may then log into their account, select the desired position, then start filling in the required information for the application. Applicants are suggested to re-check their application ensure that they have provided all the required information as detailed as possible before submitting their application.

Applications can only be done online via the official recruitment website of Nampak otherwise the submission may be disregarded.

Successful applicants will be notified for further recruitment stages.

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