Polyfin Bursary Scheme in Engineering Fields

polycin bursary scheme

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If you are a talented south african student who are interested in engineering field, then you should apply for Polyfin Bursary Scheme. This bursaries is one of the best scholarships that provides the best education aid and help for any south african student with great achievement. So, you do not have to think about the money anymore when you are trying to chase your dream. How does it sound? Are you interested at all? If you are, here is some more information about the scholarship that you might need to know. Take a look.

What is Polyfin Bursary Scheme?

The first thing that we are going to do is knowing more about this Polyfin Bursary Scheme. This scholarship is one of the scholarship given to the south african students who are interested in the engineering field. In fact, this scholarship is given annually. The period of the application process usually opens in the September and you have to get through several selection processes before you can be awarded the scholarship at the end of the scheme. The application process of the scholarship programme ends in the end of the September.

Fields of Study at Polifyn Bursary Scheme

There are a lot of majors that you can take when you apply for this scholarship. It can be chemical, mechanical, industrial, electronical, electrical, and even electro-mechanical. So here is some majors that you can take for applying for this scholarship programme. Take a look.

BEng / BSc Engineering (Chemical)
BEng / BSc Engineering (Industrial)
BEng / BSc Engineering (Mechanical)
BEng / BSc Engineering (Electronic)
BEng / BSc Engineering (Electro-Mechanical)
BEng / BSc Engineering (Electrical)

The Requirements to Get Polyfin Bursary Scheme

The next thing that you have to understand is the requirements of the scholarship itself. You have to be a south african student to be able to apply for this scholarship scheme. You need to prove that by your ID number or ID card to the committee. You also need to be a student in the university and you have to be at least grade 12 learners. You also need to be good at science and math to be able to get this scholarship scheme. You can send your application for the bursary office and training development center in Sasolburg. For more information about the Polyfin Bursary Scheme, here is the complete address: Polyfin Bursary Scheme, Bursary Officer Training Development Centre PO Box 321, 9750 Sasolburg.

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