SAPS Learnership – Empowering Future South African Police Officers

The South African Police Service (SAPS) organizes a SAPS learnership programme each year that young people who are willing to serve South Africans can participate in.

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SAPS is the Republic of South Africa’s national police force. South Africa’s 1,138 police stations are divided according to regional borders, and each province is assigned a regional commissioner. All nine Provincial Commissioners immediately report to the NCC. Its head office is in Pretoria, more precisely in the Guard House building.

SAPS was founded in 1995 to establish a safe community for all people in South Africa, by working to solve the underlying causes of violence in society, by combating activities that could endanger the protection or welfare of any individual, and by investigating welfare or public safety and prosecution. Its distribution consists of:

  1. Crime Prevention and Investigation Unit
  2. Human Resources Division
  3. Public Relations Unit
  4. Support Services Division
  5. The Internal Stability Unit
  6. The Visible Police Unit

The SAPS is hiring young people for learnership to develop national security and defense, who are ready and able to serve the people of South Africa in a safe way.

Programme Overview

SAPS provides two years of police instruction, which is basic training in police advancement. This programme also called as Basic Police Development Learning Programme (BPDLP). The organization introduced the programme in an attempt to enhance SAPS training and encourage members to provide more effective and competent police services. This is consistent with the strategic development strategy of the government to ensure that all police officers are trained serving in the context of law and human rights while delivering quality services to the communities they represent.

The learnership programme includes ten months of advanced preparation, twelve months of technical police station learning and two months of specialized integrated evaluation. It offers legal and law enforcement expertise to the members to represent and keep the public safe.

The training enables students to complete a range of training courses and practical exercises within 24 months of training to allow them to overcome the different challenges they encounter in a police profession, mentally and physically. The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) administers a Level 5 National Certification Framework for participants of this programme.

  1. The participants can select one of the following positions as per their credentials after basic learnership training.
  2. Ball Technician
  3. Border Police
  4. Crime Collector
  5. Crime Prevention Officer
  6. Detective
  7. Dog Handler
  8. Forensic Analyst
  9. Forensics
  10. General Investigator
  11. Hostage Negotiator
  12. Investigator at the DPCI
  13. Liaison Officer
  14. Local Criminal Records Officer
  15. Officer of the Public Service Center
  16. Task Force Officer

After police apprentices finish their SAPS learnership and are accepted as qualified, they are held indefinitely at the South African Police Service as police officers.

SAPS learnership is made applicable annually within each South African Province. Candidates wishing to apply to their own Province must do so. Most of the learnerships in SAPS comprises a monthly stipend. SAPS have several offices throughout South Africa with divisions in every national area.

The SAPS learnership focuses on assisting in hiring people that may open up in the future, as well as providing safe and secure protection to all. In addition to crimes, candidates will learn about causes of road accidents, road signs, traffic and road laws. Candidates will participate in the coordination or development of police services’ methods of crime prevention, operations, and maintenance.

Over the past couple of years, the Metro department has grown exponentially but it has expectations for more development and greater community partnership in the near future. They help with many road scenarios, police operations, unauthorized road utilization and more.

Within the background of all concerns, learners with this training can learn everything needed in criminal law, police ethics and police departments. Much of SAPS learnership requires a time of study preparation, as well as a portion of field training.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 35 to apply. Candidates must include a comprehensive curriculum vitae with contact details, contact references and any information that they feel might be important to their application. Often provide certified copies of all applicable licenses, IDs, and proof of address not more than 3 months old. Candidates must be legal residents of and citizens of South Africa.

Candidates will also be required to have/provide the following:

  • Be self-motivated and a team player
  • Candidates must be mentally & physically fit
  • Candidates must have great liaison skills
  • Candidates must hold a valid Code B Driver’s license
  • Candidates must hold NO criminal record
  • Candidates must possess leadership skills
  • Computer literate
  • English, read, write and speak
  • Grade 12 / Matric Certificate

After completing their learnership period, applicants must be prepared to take the Oath as decided by the Municipality of concern. Flexibility with a dedication to learning but ability to work nevertheless. Candidates must be able to withstand pressure with a positive outlook and be professional and truthful.

Candidates making the short list will be expected to complete the tests below:

  • A Fitness Test, including running. Males 2.4KM in 11 minutes Females 2.4Km in 14.30 Minutes
  • A Medical Examination
  • An English Proficiency Test
  • Firearm Training Practical & Theoretical
  • Obstacle Course Males must complete within 3 Minutes Females within 4 Minutes
  • Provide a Medical Certificate proving candidates may partake in strenuous exercises (Physical Examination)

Candidates must be trained within their province or division to be assigned anywhere. Candidates must be able to do the requisite amounts of physical exercise without reimbursement. As required by the office, applicants must undergo all of the training.

How to Apply for SAPS Learnership

Online application mechanisms for SAPS learnership are not accessible. Applications within your Region or Province must be obtained from the SAPS Department Offices. Any application forms which have been faxed or submitted online will be disqualified. Incomplete forms, or forms that have lost a signature, or documents will be disqualified.

Candidates are requested to submit the application form with approved documents provided to the offices from which they received the forms. Visit SAPS website for more information about the openings.

Closing Dates

SAPS learnership programme has no closing dates, and the opening dates can differ, depending on the various police departments. No late entries will be approved, so candidates are encouraged from their local Police and Metro police offices to find out about the closing dates.

Contact Details

SAPS Head Office

Koedoe Building
236 Pretorius Street
Private Bag X94

Tel: +27 (0) 12 393 1000

Official Website

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