15+ Standard Bank Learnerships to Apply Today

Standard Bank Learnerships seek to tackle the issue of youth unemployment in South Africa whilst building critical and core skills for the bank. There are some core programmes that role out constantly. Other programmes are rolled out based on business need and demand.

Standard Bank Learnerships

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The learnerships use a fully integrated approach that combines theory with practical training and leads to a recognised qualification/certification.

Based on each of the programmes’ concept, Standard Bank Learnerships can be classified into 4 groups, namely the Group Wide Programmes, PBB Programmes, CIB Programmes, and Wealth Programmes.

Group Wide Programmes

The Group Wide Programmes were designed to enable the learners’ use of their skills and knowledge to innovate and solve problems across the organisation. Some of the learnerships covered in this scheme are:

1. Data Science Programme

Gone are the days were business decisions are based on a gut feel or past experiences. More and more, businesses are using data to help inform key business decisions, whether designing a new product or even extending credit to a customer. Help the organisation make sense of its data across the group – gather, organise, analyse, synthesize, and predict.

To participate in this 18-month programme, run in Johannesburg, you must have completed a 3-year qualification in Mathematics, Data Analytics, and Statistics.

2. Behavioural Economics Programme

The premise of Behavioural Economics is that “we are fallible, easily confused, not that smart, and often irrational. We are more like Homer Simpson than Superman.”(Dan Ariely). Get to grips with why and how humans behave the way they do. Analyse, understand, and predict consumer behaviour like never before.

To be qualified for this 18-month programme, run in Johannesburg, you must have previously earned an Economics/Psychology degree.

3. Design Thinking Programme

“Design thinking is a process for creative problem-solving. Design thinking has a human-centered core. It encourages organizations to focus on the people they’re creating for, which leads to better products, services, and internal processes.” (www.ideou.com). Upon joining this programme, you can help the bank seek an innovative approach to tackling business challenges while always keeping the customer in mind.

To participate in this 12-month programme that will be run in Johannesburg, you must have at least earned a degree in any field of study.

PBB Programmes

The PBB Programmes will prepare you to be at the cold face of customer interactions, helping, guiding, advising, and counselling, and providing real value to the clients. Truly understand the risk the banking industry faces as an organisation and find creative ways of mitigating these risks.

1. Direct Centre Programme

The relationship with a customer goes beyond a face to face interaction. Customers are keen to interact with employees across different channels. Create and maintain relationships with potential clients virtually whilst ensuring a personal touch.

To be able to secure a spot in this 18-month programme that will be run across South Africa, you have to at least complete a 3-year finance-related qualification in advance.

2. Universal Banker

Be at the epicentre of client interactions in the branch. Truly understand a client’s needs and pull the necessary resources in the bank to make it happen. Become that trusted advisor in moments that matter to the client.

This 18-month programme, run across South Africa, requires all its participants to complete a 3-year finance-related qualification prior to applying.

3. Voice

Help customers online and over the phone by applying for the 12-month programme, run in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. Before joining, you must have completed a 3-year finance related qualification.

4. Credit Management Programme

Help bankers make smart lending decisions by evaluating the lending risk to the Bank. Work within local and international regulations and guidelines to create value for the client, the bank, and shareholders.

The 18-month programme that will be held in Johannesburg requires all its candidates to complete a 3-year finance-related qualification at minimum.

5. Operational Risk Programme

Understand the full spectrum of risks that a bank faces from political and social strife to epidemic outbreaks by being a part of this wonderful opportunity. Upon completing the learnership, you will understand how to find ways to mitigate the risk ensuring business continuity.

The 18-month programme that will be held in Johannesburg asks all the participants to minimally complete a 3-year finance-related qualification beforehand to qualify for the learnership.

CIB Programmes

Standard Bank’s customer base expands across a diverse group of businesses that operate both locally and internationally. As a company, it is a trusted financial partner committed to helping them grow and expand. Its trade teams make the deals. Through the CIB Programmes, you will learn how to help facilitate payments across the globe.

1. CIB Ops Programmes

It is a 12-month programme, run in Johannesburg. To qualify for the learnership, please note that only applicants with 3-year finance-related qualification will be considered.

Wealth Programmes

Wealth Programmes will train you on how to help the clients create, grow, and maintain their wealth as a key offering of the wealth business.

1. Financial Planning Programme

In this programme, you will be taught how to provide the clients with a helping hand to meet their financial goals. Truly get to grips with their current financial status and help them make choices to take them to where they want to be.

The programme will be run in 18 months across South Africa. Only those with completed 3-year finance-related qualification will be considered for the learnership.

2. Cloud Computing Programme

Cloud computing is the delivery of different services through the Internet. These resources include tools and applications like data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software.

If you have a 3-year IT related qualification, you should consider joining this 18-month programme that will be run in Johannesburg.

3. Robotics Process Automation Programme

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the term used for software tools that help automate human activities that are manual, rule-based, and repetitive. Help the company create a more efficient bank that makes the clients love it even more.

The 18-month programme will be run in Johannesburg. Earn a completed 3-year IT related qualification beforehand to join the learnership.

4. Systems Development Programme

Be involved in developing new and/or improved systems for the bank. Learn to code in various languages.

The 18-month programme requires all its applicants to possess a Matric certificate in Mathematics to be considered successful.

5. Data Engineering Programme

Be responsible for compiling and installing database systems and writing complex queries. Learn to collect and analyse the data through this 18-month programme based in Johannesburg.

To join, please provide a completed 3-year IT related qualification upon applying.

6. Systems Support Programme

The engine behind the IT organisation – keeping the infrastructure going. You will be taught how to troubleshoot, install, and fix hardware, software, and network problems through joining this 18-month programme. You will be asked to submit a Matric certificate in Mathematics to qualify for the programme.

7. Internal Audit Technician

The Internal Audit Technician (IAT) is the first level qualification that all internal auditors entering the profession should obtain. The content of focused training modules and structured workplace training provide an excellent background to candidates starting out in internal auditing or wanting to improve their internal audit skills.

The programme will be held for 24 months in Johannesburg. Submit a completed 3-year Internal Audit qualification upon applying.

8. GSS Programme

Be at the heart of fulfilling the clients’ and staff requests. Be involved in document management, process administration, and payments. Be an internal service provider to the rest of the bank.

Join the 12-month programme, run in Johannesburg and Durban, only by submitting your Matric certificate with Mathematics.

Final thoughts

If any of these Standard Bank Learnerships interest you, visit Standard Bank’s official website at www.standardbank.co.za to find further information about the programmes and apply them to your selected choice.


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