Transcend Learnership Programme Application Form and Guidelines

Looking for a learnership to upgrade your skills and elevates your career? Apply to Transcend Learnership provided by Transcend Advisory today.

Transcend Learnership

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Transcend Advisory is the trusted BEE advisory firm. It offers social responsibility, transformation, and economic empowerment solutions to corporate clients and multinationals in South Africa and it’s neighbouring countries. The company was found to help its clients integrate B-BBEE, social responsibility, and socio-economic empowerment into their strategic vision, to encourage sustainable business growth and social development.

Below, you will find a complete guide about Transcend Learnership Programme, starting from how it works, how to qualify and apply for it, and the closing dates. Make sure to read through the end of the article so you won’t miss out on any single important detail regarding the training.

Transcend Learnership Programme Overview

Transcend Advisory designs Transcend Learnership Programme to not only helps South African business improve the quality of their workers but also to provide you with valuable work experience.

For many companies, Transcend Advisory has helped them in many accommodating ways to boost their businesses grow, and some of the benefits that they have received are including:

  • Recruitment of learners (aligned to the host companies’ EE and BEE targets)
  • Placement of learners
  • Mentoring and coaching of both learners and mentors/coaches
  • Implementation of structured learning plans
  • Facilitation of induction course for all learners
  • Registration of learnerships with applicable SETA
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the progress of the leanerships
  • Facilitation of all administration in respect of the implementation and verification of the learnerships
  • Guidance and advice regarding tax rebates, employee tax incentives, and SETA grants

The learnerships provided by Transcend Advisory provides significant benefits and impacts on the business needs required by most companies, including the improvement of the ability and work performance of their employees. By organizing learnerships for unemployed South African youths, companies have actually helped in creating a suitable recruitment pool for trained individuals who are joined by potential employees that can automatically help companies achieve their Employment Equity targets.

Then, what good is this for you?

By taking this learnership, you can get a variety of excellent benefits that will help you to develop skills that are relevant for your future career.

You will develop skills to:

  • Do a series of tasks related to your job well
  • Understand what you really do and why
  • Learn from what you do, and
  • Apply what you do to unexpected changes and circumstances that may occur in your career path.

To find out whether you have what it takes to be a part of this great opportunity, check out the basic requirements you will need to meet below.

Eligibility Requirements

If you wish to register for the learnership then you must submit all the qualifications that you have previously obtained from your formal education studies. These include degrees, diplomas, masters, postgraduate, and Ph.D. qualifications. You are also allowed to list the attained certificates of any course. However, make a note to enter your highest qualification first beforehand. Apart from that, you also have to meet some basic requirements such as not being younger than 18 years or older than 35 years old and you have completed at least Grade 12 by the time of applying.

How to Apply

First of all, you must visit this link to access the application page. Scroll down until you find a “Click Here to Apply” sign. Click the button.

Next, a new page containing the application form will open. Complete the form as accurately as you can and click the submit button to apply for the learnership. Please note that it is not a test and you cannot fail it but when an opportunity becomes available the selection committee would like to ensure that it would best suit you. Some of the personal information that you must provide are:

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Age
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Home language
  • Equity code
  • Citizenship
  • Identity number
  • ID document

Click “next” to continue the application process. In this section, you must provide your address, disability description, and criminal record. Include a medical certificate if you have a disability.

  • On the fourth page, select one of the available courses that you would like to take. Note: You may select more than one. The available courses are:
  • Business Administration / Practice
  • Contact Centre Operations / Practice
  • Generic Management – Banking
  • Generic Management – Customer Management: Banking
  • Generic Management – General Management
  • Generic Management – Inventory and Inventory Control
  • Generic Management – Manufacturing
  • Generic Management – Manufacturing Control
  • Generic Management – Planning and Scheduling techniques
  • Generic Management – Process Manufacturing
  • Generic Management – Skills Development: Banking
  • Generic Management – Strategic Management: Banking
  • Hygiene and Cleaning
  • Information Technology (various options available)
  • Long-term Insurance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • New Venture Creation
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Production Technology
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate
  • Short-term Insurance
  • Transport
  • Wealth Management
  • Wholesale and Retail Operations – Forecourt Supervision
  • Wholesale and Retail Operations – Stock Control

Next, you will need to insert your work experience and educational information. You must also upload a recent Curriculum Vitae (CV).

On the sixth page, you should provide an objective assessment of your ability to use computers with the following applications/programmes:

  • Email programmes
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Other computer applications/programmes you are good at

Next, write down any courses or other qualifications that you have previously completed. This includes all qualifications/courses outside of your formal school education such as diplomas, degrees, post-graduate, masters, and Ph.D. Short courses and certificates may also be included but ensure that you attach the three highest qualifications.

In the next section insert two references who you have worked for in the past. You must give the details of professional people or your teachers – people who have seen your work and can provide a reference. Insert their name and surname, along with the company or school they work for and their phone number.

Finally, submit your form to finalise the application procedures. Ensure you have double-checked all your information. Check that you have attached the correct documents where needed.

Transcend Learnership Closing Dates

Although the company doesn’t precisely mention when the application is closed, it is safe to prepare the necessary documentation in advance. Visit the official website on the link provided below from time to time to ensure that you do not miss the opening. Note that late entry will not be considered, and neither incomplete application form.

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding the learnership programme, or there are problems you encounter during the application process, you can send your inquiries and receipt of the technical problems to the contact listed below.

Transcend Advisory

21 Scott St
South Africa

Tel: 011 442 2433

Alternatively, you can also access this link to submit your questions via the contact form available on the official Transcend Advisory website.

Official Website

For more information, visit the official Transcend Advisory website periodically at

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