Woodlands Dairy Learnership Programme for Unemployed Matriculants

You may find it difficult to find trusted and reliable training providers in the career field you are interested in, such as all things dairy. The good news is that the Woodlands Dairy Learnership Programme might be the ideal solution for you to get a legitimate and impactful qualification that will help you build your dream career path.

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Woodlands Dairy Learnership is organized by Woodlands Dairy, a dairy company founded in 1995 in South Africa. Initially, this company was a packaging factory for milk produced on a farm owned by the Gutsche family. Since then, Woodlands Dairy has been known as one of the largest UHT milk manufacturers in South Africa. Leading brands such as “FIRST CHOICE” are the flagship series that catapulted Woodlands Dairy in the national market.

Apart from milk, Woodlands Dairy also produces several other dairy products, such as:

  • Cheese,
  • Butter,
  • Cream,
  • Amasi,
  • Flavored milk,
  • UHT milk,
  • Dairy-based desserts,
  • Dessert toppings,
  • Ice cream, and
  • Custard.

Woodlands Dairy is a massive company employing more than 1,400 employees. The company prides itself on a work culture that promotes creative thinking, rapid development by launching new quality products in a short time, and excellent customer service. Also, Woodlands Dairy operates with integrity prioritizing all its dealings. For the company, integrity is paramount, and this is what makes Woodlands Dairy the most beloved dairy company across the country.

Not only that it prioritizes customer service, Woodlands Dairy is also committed to prioritizing the welfare of its employees. This is evidenced by the adoption of work equity principles that allow Woodlands Dairy to provide equal opportunities for all its workers. The company also organizes various training and leadership development for its employees every year to create a dynamic team.

If you are moved to be part of such a dynamic team, there is currently a Woodlands Dairy Learnership Program that you can join to enrich your knowledge and hone your skills in related fields. This program is an excellent opportunity for those of you especially those who are currently unemployed and need qualifications as soon as possible to start your career.

Today, we will discuss in detail everything you need to know about Woodlands Dairy Learnership, starting from the requirements, how to apply, closing dates, and contact details that you can reach out for more information about the programme. Keep your eyes open and carefully read the following instructions.

Woodlands Dairy Learnership Programme Overview

Woodlands Dairy Learnership Programme is a training scheme in the field of dairy products organized by Woodlands Dairy. The company openly invites prospective candidates who meet the given criteria to apply immediately. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to learn firsthand about some important aspects of working in a dairy factory from experts. This training programme covers the following areas:

  1. CIP (cleaned-in-place) & COP (cleaned-out-of-place) Food Processing Equipment;
  2. Lab Testing;
  3. Milk Reception; and
  4. The Nature of Milk.

The entire programme series, which includes in-class training and practical study, will last for 12 months. After successfully completing the learnership, the participants will be awarded a qualification in a related field. You can use this qualification later to increase your confidence in applying for jobs in the appropriate field.

The programme is structured with the hope of increasing the employment rate in South Africa especially for unemployed young people with a bright future ahead of them.

If you are interested in applying for this learnership, we first suggest that you check the basic requirements set out to determine whether you have what it takes for the role.

Eligibility Requirements

Interestingly, there are not many requirements established for applying as participants of this training. Woodlands Dairy only emphasized that this program is open to unemployed South African youths between the ages of 18 and 23 years. Besides, they must have completed Grade 12 and obtained their Matric certificate. Woodlands Dairy will not reckon candidates who have already had previous work experience.

If you really want to be a part of this wonderful opportunity, then you must fully commit to taking any courses provided by not being part of the company or other learnership programme when the Woodlands Dairy Learnership is being held. You must also not be studying full-time at a particular institution by the time of applying.

Once you have met all of these requirements, then follow step by step on how to apply for the programme in the instruction below.

How to Apply

To apply for this programme, there are several documents that you need to prepare in advance, including:

  • A copy of the original Matric certificate;
  • A valid ID document;
  • Some of the other qualifications you may have obtained before;
  • Your latest Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Collect these documents in one folder. This aims to seamlessly ease your application process. Next, visit the following link to apply online.

On the webpage, you can scroll until the application form section appears. There are several fields that you will need to fill in, including:

  • Your full name;
  • Your e-mail address;
  • Your contact number;
  • A brief introduction about yourself;
  • Softcopies from documents that you have prepared in advance.

Click the “Apply Now” button when you have completed all the required fields. Make sure that you have provided truthful information to increase your chances of being accepted for the position.

Besides following the method above, you can also apply via email. Send an email that matches the structure of the above application form with the required documentation to HR@woodlandsdairy.co.za. Do not forget to write the “Woodlands Dairy Learnership Application: Position (Choose one: Raw Milk/Cream Handling/Storage)” on the subject line.

Woodlands Dairy Learnership Closing Dates

Applications for Woodlands Dairy Learnership will be closed on September 30th, 2020. Please ensure that you have submitted your application form by the deadline. Although it is not clear when Woodlands Dairy will contact shortlisted candidates to attend the next selection phase, 3 weeks is ample time to wait. If you don’t hear any news after 3 weeks from the closing date, then it’s safe to think that you haven’t had any luck this time.

Contact Details

Send your questions regarding this learnership or any technical problems you may encounter during the application process via the contact form on the following page.

Official Website

For more information on Woodlands Dairy Learnership, you can find it on the official Woodlands Dairy website at www.woodlandsdairy.co.za.

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