Oudtshoorn Municipality Life Guards Vacancy at Bridgton Swimming Pool 2017

If you love swimming, this Oudtshoorn Municipality Life Guards vacancy at Bridgton Swimming Pool may suit with your hobby. Join the best municipality department in South Africa through this vacancy. You won’t be disappointed at the end.

About Company

Oudtshoorn Municipality Life Guards Vacancy

Oudtshoorn Municipality Life Guards Vacancy

The Oudtshoorn Municipality is being a long term strategic vision in providing the best examples for other municipals and communities so that they can achieve economic growth and regeneration of South Africans in the future. The municipality is also the verge of the economic growth in the country. It is expected to face the past-pace challenges in the sector. The town becomes a future investment for all elements until the projected year in 2030. Some investment plans have been made now in order to identify the needs. The town really needs extensive community participation from both the government and South Africans who live in this municipality. Bridgton Swimming Pool is the future project that concerns with tourism sector. It invites both local and international residents.

Job Descriptions

This Oudtshoorn Municipality Life Guards vacancy at Bridgton Swimming Poolwill offer R23.00 per hour. Life guards are a crucial thing when it comes to swimming pool. This place will be dangerous for children without them. If you have much passion in caring other people and swimming, this job position will suit with you. In addition, the job salary is enough for the candidates. Here are the minimum requirements that you must comply with:

  • Functional reading and writing
  • Life Guard Certification
  • CPR & First Aid Certification (level 3)
  • 1 Year relevant experience to functional domain
  • Communication and organisational Skills
  • God health and sober habits
  • Proficient in two (2) of the three (3) official languages in the Western Cape

Job Duties

Life guards are not an easy job. They always relate with other people lives. To specify what the successful candidates have to do in this Oudtshoorn Municipality Life Guards vacancy at Bridgton Swimming Pool, here are the job duties that they have to complete as follow:

  • Maintain continuous surveillance of people in swimming pool
  • Ensure appropriate headcount of people in swimming pool
  • Call out warnings to people who may have ventured too far or are in danger
  • Supervise swimmers to ensure that they are swimming within the safety protocols
  • Proactively identify hazards or potential hazards and take measures to prevent accidents
  • Control and report unruly behavior and individual/s to supervisor
  • Immediately provide rescue in the event of drowning or swimming incidents
  • Perform first aid and CPR when needed
  • Perform pool chemicals checks to ensure safety and hygiene
  • Maintain accurate records of pool use and chemicals levels
  • Ensure that all pool equipment is stored safely
  • Assist with preparation of gala’s and other events
  • Willing to work outside normal working hours

How to Apply

First thing first, the candidates of the vacancy have to get ready to face proceeding tests such as written assessment, and interview. If you are successful, you will be contacted not too long from the deadline. Your application must consist of covering letters such as CV, certified documents, personal ID, and many more. Please send the application of Oudtshoorn Municipality Life Guards vacancy at Bridgton Swimming Pool to HR Manager: Transformation & Development, Department Corporate Services, P.O. Box 255, Oudtshoorn, 6620 (submit applications to Mr. R. Morrison, Mr. Dustin Hartzenberg or Mr. Hammilton Klaassen (across typing pool) Oudtshoorn Municipality, Voortrekker Road, Oudtshoorn before 22 September 2017. Read the details on this link.



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