Correctional Services Learnership 2022: Most Waiting List Opportunity

People who live in South Africa have the opportunity to apply for the Correctional Services Learnership from DCS. Department of Correctional Services offers these learnerships programmes as one of the functional strategies to reduce the number of poverty in South Africa.

This chance given by the DCS is available for those who want to show profound knowledge in a positive way. The available learnerships are the Further Education and Training (FET) and also Training Certificate for the NQF Level 4.

During the learnerships, the learners will experience both practical and theoretical training in relation to the prisoners’ rehabilitation. Dealing with people who got detention is one of the daily bases that you will face every single day. Practically, they will have provision for the prisoners to show positive behavior.

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About Department of Correctional Services

In South Africa, the Department of Correctional Services is a department that is responsible for overseeing those individuals who are in jail. These people have been arrested and they are in awaiting trials or have been sentenced to spend years in jail. Moreover, this department deals with the prisoners, detention, law, juries, and other security and safety processes.

For those who aren’t familiar with this department, there are some duties that correctional officers and court officers generally do. A correctional officer will mostly deal with supervising and escorting inmates, inspecting facilities, and enforcing rules within jails.

Meanwhile, a court officer will deal with ensuring courtroom security, handling evidence, and applying court procedures. In other words, this court officer applies the law and all the court procedures to work based on standards.

One Year Learnership Programme

People, especially students, will wonder what kinds of training that they will get during the learnerships. Honestly, in a learnership programme, 30 percent out of 100 percent of the training consists of the vocational theory. The theoretical training will be done in an accredited DCS college based on the standard of the learnership programme.

What would you get when you join in? The theoretical training includes intensive instruction about firearms and also self-defense. As a bonus, you will also have physical training as your daily dose.

As it is a mandatory requirement to fulfill, you need to stay in the college to finish all the training and its physical training too. When you have gotten the opportunity to participate in the training, you will get accommodation, uniforms, meals, and the materials related to training.

The other 70 percent of the training is about on-the-job training which takes place in Correctional and Social Reintegration Units. In this training section, you will do the security provision for the offenders and help them do the rehabilitations. It includes showing what is right, what they shouldn’t do, and what they should learn to avoid.

In this 70 percent of training, the applicants will receive a stipend monthly. Yet, they will not get accommodations, meals, housing allowance, medical aid, and pension fund.

When the learners have completed and finished their learnership programme, they will be declared competent. Indeed, there will be an assessment done every three months to evaluate your competence and capabilities. Any deviation from the agreement of the learnership will deal with Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act 97 by the DCS.

Mandatory Requirements to Fulfill

As the competition to get the chance in this Correctional Services Learnership is getting tight, it isn’t easy to be chosen. You have to stand out in order to be an important one to accept.

You will apply for the learnership in the Department of Correctional Services. Therefore, you should have passion and interest in dealing with prisoners, law, detention, and also rehabilitations. This learnership is only available for South African citizen.

The applicants should have a Grade 12 Certificate or NQF level 4. They should also have the National Certificate in Vocational Study. For the aged standard, they should be between the age of 21 and also 35 years.

Those who have a criminal case against them should explain in great detail the problems. However, when you have committed a serious crime, you can’t have the chance to be accepted.

Besides, the applicants need to have good personalities, strong characters, and also good health. It means that you shouldn’t be too dependent, soft, and also weak because this department can’t be with someone that is unreliable.

How to Apply for the DCS Learnership?

When you want to apply for the learnership in the Department of Correctional Services, filling out the application form is a must. The application form can be gotten from the official websites and the applicants can fill them out.

On the websites, you need to access the Forms Tab. There will be a link named Forms and you can click it. You can choose the link of Internship/Learnership Application Forms.

There will be some learnership posts that you need to choose for your concern. As a matter of fact, the one who applies for the learnership should be the one who fills and signs the application forms by themselves. Don’t forget to attach all other important documents such as copies of certificates, identity cards, and also training completion certificates.

You need to keep in mind that any kinds of application forms which have been photocopied or submitted late won’t be accepted. During the training, the applicants will be responsible for their own accommodation, meal, and also transport. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the applicants to apply in the nearest department.

The chance to apply for this Correctional Services Learnership is estimated around November or December during this Covid-19 pandemic. It would be better if you check the official website for further notifications and learnerships information.

Correctional Services Learnership Salary

Probably getting experience can be one of the main reasons why people especially students want to look for learnerships. People also want to sharpen their knowledge and also skills which will be useful for their career path in the future.

However, it has also been a fact that salary also plays an important role in making people interested to apply. Therefore, when the Department of Correctional Services in South Africa can offer a great salary, there are a lot of people who want to take part in the learnerships.

During the learnerships, the learners or the applicants will get a stipend of around R3500.00 monthly for 12 months. As it has been previously mentioned, the applicants will get accommodation, uniforms, meals, and the materials related to training during the college training.

Moreover, when it comes to 70% of the training, the learners will only get the stipend, not including the accommodation and also meals. Thus, you need to prepare your own meals and accommodations.

Possible Career Paths for DCS Learners

Having learnerships or internships in the Department of Correctional Services may give you some career paths which are possible to choose. There is a higher number of jobs available in this field.

The learners have the chance to be working in local government, state government, the federal government, courtrooms, jails, and even facilities support services. These jobs are usually based on your preferences whether you want to work as bailiff or correctional officers.

When you personally have an interest in correctional services, these career paths can be the right options for you to have a better future. If you probably have shown your competence, loyalty, and also patience during the learnerships, you will get the chance to apply permanently.

Nearest Regions to Apply DCS Learnership 2022

Applicants or learners can choose from the six regions in South Africa. When you live in the Eastern Cape Region, you can choose to apply in the Regional Commissioner Eastern Cape in East London. Living in Free State and Northern Cape, the learners or the applicants can apply to the nearest physical address. It is located on Zastron Street in Bloemfontein.

If you live in the Gauteng region, you can choose the Regional Commissioner Gauteng in Pretoria West. It is exactly in Kgosi Mampuru II Training Centre. For the citizen who lives in Kwa-Zulu Natal Region, you don’t need to be worried. It is because you can apply to the nearest region in Regional Commissioner Kwa-Zulu Natal. The exact location of this Regional Commissioner is Eugene Marie Road, Napierville, Pietermaritzburg.

Moreover, for those who live in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and also North West Region, you don’t need to come all the way to the far region. As there is the Regional Commissioner nearest your home, you can save more time and cost. Its location is in Proes & Paul Kruger Street, Masada Building, Pretoria.

When you prefer to work in Western Cape Region, you can apply for the learnerships 2022 in the Regional Commissioner Western Cape in Monte Vista. You can have your own preferences about where region to apply and choose.

Find more information here.

In conclusion, when you have made up your mind to get the learnership in the field of correctional service, there are many things that you need to know beforehand. The applicants should know about the requirements for applying, possible career paths, the facilities, and also the salary earned.

There are some regions that the applicants can choose based on their nearest location. When the training can be done with the same outputs, why bother choosing a further department?

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