SASOL Learnership Programme at Secunda and Sasolburg

When it comes to an international integrated chemical company which is located in South Africa, Sasol is the outstanding one. It has been operating since 1950 and it has proven its capabilities to grow bigger. This company has participated in the economy growth as well as the youth development. It can be seen from the Sasol learnership which are available for the South African.

As one of the biggest investors that provides the skills development for the youth in South Africa, Sasol offers learnership. This learnership is aimed to facilitate the youth in getting deeper skill and technical skills before working in real life. They would be able to have more knowledge and also experience that couldn’t get in the senior high schools.

In the following information, you will find out some detail information about Sasol learnership. It includes the general requirements and also how to apply for the learnership too.

sasol learnership

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About Sasol

Sasol is a company runs in integrated energy and chemical which is based in Sandton, South Africa. As the technology keeps on improving, this company also expands bigger and wider. They also produce the liquid fuels in a wide range of varieties as well as chemicals and also electricity.

This Sasol learnership is one of the ways that Sasol usually does annually. They really hope that by offering the learnership, youth will improve the quality of education and skills so that they can help those in poverty and unemployment.

When you really wish to work in Sasol and learn more in the field of chemical and integrated energy, you will learn from the best professional. Therefore, you will no doubt become one of the professionals under Sasol company in South Africa.

Sasol Learnership Programme

The learnership by Sasol gives chances for the individuals who seek the valuable experiences from the professionals. One of the benefits that the applicants can get with Sasol learnership is that they will be able to choose multiple learnerships in a wide range of options.

There are the following fields to choose, they are Boilermaking, Welding, Turning, Rigging, Fitting, Electrical Operations, Instrumentation and Control, and also Chemical Plant Operations. It means that it is possible for you to choose Boilermaking and also Electrical Operations at the same time and the same quality of learning.

By these learnership programmes in Sasol, the applicants can choose their career opportunities. They might be able to choose whether they want to work in the field of Artisan, Technician, Engineer, Area Manager, or Learning Practitioner in different levels to conquer.

It is highly hoped that these opportunities can fill the scarce skills that the demands need. Therefore, it isn’t only about numbers but it is obviously about the targets that Sasol wants to fill. In other words, whatever the field that you are applying, you will be prepared to enter the workforce properly.

Different area offers different field of Sasol learnerships. When you want to have learnerships in the field of Human Resources, you may apply in Secunda Area. If you want to choose Finance as the main field of your learnerships, you may apply your learnerships in Secunda and also Sasolburg area.

For Logistics, you can apply the learnerships in the area of Secunda and also Sasolburg. Therefore, you will now be at ease in choosing which area to have the learnerships based on the fields you love.

Requirements for Sasol Learnership

In order to apply for the learnerships, there are some requirements that the applicants need to fulfill. First, the applicants should have passed grade 12 in English, Physical Science HG/SG, and also Maths HG/SG. These don’t include the Life Science, Science Literacy, Natural Science, and also Functional Science.

You can also apply when you have an N3 Certificate that shows that you have passed 5 subjects. Some of them are Engineering Science, Business English, and also Maths. Besides, there are some skills that the applicants should have. They are the communication skills, English literacy, and also willing to learn.

Probably people might think that only those who have normal physical body can apply for the learnerships. In fact, Sasol also facilitates those individuals who have disabilities. They have the same opportunities to grow and learn under the helps of the professionals.

How to Apply for the Learnerships

Before taking part in the learnerships, you need to know some ways for applying. As Sasol is a big company, you need to know that you will have a lot of competitors to get the spots for the learnerships.

In applying the learnerships, the applicants need to pay attention about the application forms. They can get the application form by visiting to the official website of Sasol. There will be Career Page at the top of the websites. There you will be able to find the link for the National certificate in the professional driving-NQF level 3 learnerships.

After that you can follow all the instruction to fulfill. You can fill out all the requirement column including your name, citizenship, address, and many more. In filling out the form, you have to be accurate and precise giving out your personal information. It would be better when you fill out the form with no slight mistake.

You will be asked to choose which learnership posts that you like to learn and have further learnings. The applicants should specify which post they are applying, for example, you can choose National certificate in professional driving-NQF Level 3 SAQA ID 50285.

Some people might make mistakes they didn’t realize. They might have used photocopied application form which is unacceptable for the learnerships. Don’t forget to sign the application form by yourself.

Important Certificates to Attach

The applicants should attach all the certificates that you have including the personal identity card, educational certificates, and also identity documents. All of these documents have to be certified within the last three months done by the police. Besides, you should also attach the Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with your application form.

At the end of the application form, you should sign the form by yourself. When you have completed filling out the application form, you can do the submission through email or fax. You have to make sure that you won’t submit the application form late. It is because you will get no chance to get the learnerships.

Application Processes to Get Learnerships

Furthermore, the successful applicants will undergo the psychomotor evaluation. They also have to pass the medical assessment and evaluation by the company. This medical evaluation includes what illnesses that you have, what surgeries you have undergone, and also what medications that you are consuming at the moment.

The applicants will also need to pass the interview. The company might want to see how far you have been passionate and how far you have been struggling to get the learnership. In this part, the company will see how you behave and also the ways you speak and communicate with other people.

For those who get the chance for further steps, they will be offered a place for the learnerships in one or two years on the job training. There is also WIL programme with Sasol that the applicants should pass.

During the work training, the applicants will get no accommodation, meal costs, and also transport costs. The company isn’t responsible for the accommodation and other costs. Therefore, it would be better for the applicants to choose the learnership in the region or area that is nearest to the place you live in.

The candidates’ appointment will be done by Sasol according to the work standard and also regulations. It includes the verification of credentials too. They usually confirm whether you will continue your application processes or not. Unless they give confirmation to you in 30 days, it can be concluded that you haven’t been accepted with the learnerships.

Opening and Closing Date of Learnership

Before applying for Sasol learnership, it would be better for the applicants to know when the opening and closing date of the learnerships. Sasol usually offers the learnerships at the beginning of the year annually. It is usually available around January and February.

For the date, it depends on the company need. It means that there is no exact date when the opening and the closing date. As a suggestion, the applicants should be the one checking the websites from time to time.

Sometimes the website doesn’t give you notifications or announcements that they are offering the learnerships. Therefore, checking the website to find out the learnerships in the career page is important.


As a conclusion, Sasol learnership is one of the most sought learnerships by the South African. Since it lets the learners to have double fields in the learnerships, the applciants can also learn from the professionals.

Thus, people need to prepare themselves by checking the website from time to time. When they have known the opening and closing date of the learnerships, they can prepare themselves. It includes verifying the documents, copying the identity card, and many more. When you think that you have special interest in Sasol company, this might be your lucky chance to learn

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