10 SETA Learnerships Vocational Skills Training Programmes

Sector Education and Training Authority, SETA, is an organization that focuses on providing the vocational skills training in South Africa. Founded in 2005, they supply the best training for the South African in finding the right job and promote the skills development in all sectors.

SETA learnerships have replaced some of Industry Training Boards due to its capabilities, quality, power, and also responsibility. The learnership offered by SETA helps the country to have stabilized economy and South African can have proper skills before working.

As there are sky-rocketing numbers of unemployment people, this learnerships help people reduce the number of unemployment due to skills shortage. The following information consists of some sectors that SETA learnerships usually offer to South African.


When you have special interests in having deeper skills about agriculture, AgriSETA, is the right place to take further leap. They will provide both primary and secondary agricultural training, facilitate the skills programmes and tertiary studies, and also allocate bursaries.

In AgriSETA, there are 12 different sections for the learners to sharpen their skills. They are farming sector, fruit, grain, horticulture, milling, pest control, red meat, seed, sugar, sugar processing, tea, and also tobacco.

The minimum requirements of AgriSETA learnerships is NQF level 1, although some sectors might need you to have NQF level 2 to 5. The harder and the more complex the training, the higher level of NQF needed for each learnership you take.

If you are interested, you need to make sure that you apply between 1 August and 15 September annually. When you get the chance of sharpening your skills, this can be the right foundation for reaching better and achieving more.

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FoodBev SETA

Food and Beverages Manufacturing SETA or FoodBev SETA is an organization that aids and facilitates the skills development in the field of food and beverages. In this sector, there will be 5 different subdivisions that the learners can choose based on what they prefer.

There will be BCCS (Baking, Cereals, Confectionery and Snacks), Beverage, Dairy, Food Preparation Products, and also Processed and Preserved Meat. From each sector there are usually some learnership opportunities that are offered to the South African. Having the minimum NQF 1 is the basic requirement for the learnership, however, there are some requirements that need NQF level 4 or 5, too.

The opening date for this learnership is 21 June and the closing date is 24 July for each year. The applicants will get the preferences especially those who apply for programmes which are difficult to find employees.

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Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority or HWSETA escalates the integrated approach for the development workers and quality services based on the standards. Both private and public health sectors usually pick the employees through Provincial Health Department.

The applicants need to fill and sign an agreement with the employers, participate in all learning programmes, and complete log books. Besides, they usually do practical and theoretical assessments too.

When you are unemployed, there are some ways that you can do in order to join the learnership. First, they need to register themselves as the work seekers, prepare the CV, and choose the hospital or the healthcare that you prefer.

Under the flag of HWSETA, there will be some registered learnerships the applicants can choose. They are Certificate in General Nursing, Diploma in Primary Health Care, Pharmacist Assistance, and Further Training Certificate for Public Awareness. It requires the minimum NQF level 3 to 6 in order to get the chance for joining the learnerships.

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W&R is the abbreviation of Wholesale and Retail SETA which was established 20 years ago. The aims of its establishment are to facilitate the skills development and help the economy balance in the country. Therefore, it is highly expected that the South African can get better education and also training.

It allocates not only unemployed but also employed learners who always need skills development. If you have NQF level 1, you can have the learnership of General Education and Training Certificate. However, there are some learnerships that are usually available to apply when you have NQF level 2 to 5.

Moreover, when you want to apply for National Certificate for Basic Wholesale and Retail Distribution, NQF level 2 and 3 are essential to have. However, when you want to apply for Retail Buying Planning and Generic Management, having NQF level 5 is a must.

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For the banking sector, SETA proudly offers Bank SETA to advance the banking sector in a whole different level. They will develop people’s skills through the vocational education they have. Therefore, for those who have no working experience will never find it difficult to learn for their career path.

They have collaborated with a wide range of organizations and institutions for providing the best learning programmes which have been registered on the NQF. They have Letsema Post Matric Learnership and also Kuyasa Post Graduation Learnership.

Both Letsema and Kuyasa have one year duration programme. Kuyasa has 3 different subdivisions to apply. They are Management Development Learnership, Business Analyst Learnership, and also Financial Markets Learnership.

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Transport SETA

Another SETA learnership comes from Transport SETA which focuses on transport sector. They have been paying attention on how to develop the transport sector with the professionals, help people guide their career, and also train the learners to be ready for a job.

There are usually a list of qualification consists of 30 learnership for the applicants to choose based on their skills and preferences. You will find some learnerships such as Project Management, Air Traffic Support, Professional Driving, Rail Construction, Export Administration, and more.

Similarly, the basic requirements needed to prepare are NQF level 1 to 5 and also willingness to learn more. During the learnerships, there will be assessment taken by the organizations or companies to measure how far and how capable you are.

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Public Service SETA

The development of public service in South Africa has become another concern for the government too. Therefore, there is PSETA or Public Service Sector Education and Training Authority will help the development of all sectors in public services.

As more people usually take benefits of the public services, it is quite essential for the country to have learnerships that offer the programmes in public service in detail. The more applicants who master all the skills in public services, the more abilities the country could deliver to the locals and foreigners.

Generally, there are some learnerships that PSETA usually offers. It requires the minimum NQF level 3 to 5 in order to apply and join the learnerships. Some of them are Public Administration, Human Resources Management, Inspection and Enforcement, Immigration Services, and many more.

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Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) is a training programme that focuses in mining and mineral sectors in South Africa. It pays attention on how both mining and minerals can grow and develop for further standard.

Sometimes there are some skills related to mining and also minerals that the learners or applicants can’t have while studying at school. Therefore, having advanced training programme is essential especially when you want to work in relevant field.

In MQA SETA, there are 5 different subdivisions to enroll. They are Winding Engine Driving, Instrumentation Mechanican, Diesel Mechanic, Millwright, Electro-Mechanics.

The learnerships are divided into two, the artisan learnerships and non-artisan learnerships. Artisan learnerships include Diesel Mechanic, Plater Boilermaker, Rigging Ropesman, and Fitting. Meanwhile, non-artisan learnerships include Diamond Processing, Winding Engine Driving, Mineral Processing, and Mineral Sampling. It requires NQF level 2 to 5 for being able to participate in MQA SETA.

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Another education and training programme in South African is INSETA or Insurance SETA. As there are scarce skills in the sector of insurance, it is such a shame that the knowledge and skills that South Africans have is limited.

Hereby, INSETA facilitates any learnerships and other skills programmes especially in insurance. It is highly expected that soft skills, knowledge, and experience will get richer.

The applicants of this learning programme should be the one who is currently taking the undergraduate. As they require to have critical skills, it is important for the applicants to have professionalism in the learning programme.

INSETA highly expects the applicants to be able to address the critical skills which have been identified in SSP. These critical skills will help the learners to reach better career path in the future.

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SETA learnerships also include Fasset as one of the important element in South Africa. As they focus on Financial Services, Accounting, and Management, people put high hopes in having higher standard of competence.

Therefore, in the learnerships of Fasset, the learners can choose one out of a wide range of options based on your personal choice. The lowest NQF level in Fasset learnerships is Level 3 for Business Administration and also Certificate for Registered Accounting Clerk.

The highest NQF level in Fasset is Leve 7 for Professional Qualifications, Postgraduate Professional Qualification, General Internal Auditor, and many more. However, it is also uneasy to participate as there would be a lot of competitors and applicants who seek the same opportunities.

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As a conclusion, these SETA learnerships programmes are available to facilitate the country to have better economy growth. The applicants can also have advanced skills in the vocational training they prefer. 


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