Transnet Learnership: A Complete Guide to Raise the Opportunities

When students need some experiences and income before enrolling to the college, they might seek the available learnership. Some companies in South Africa indeed provide learnerships and also internships for those who want to have their skills sharpened. One of the most sought by the South Africans is Transnet learnership.

In the following paragraphs, you can find a lot of important information about Transnet learnerships and its details. You have to make sure that you aren’t missing any single information.

transnet learnership

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About Transnet

As it may have been known by most South African, Transnet is a leading company that focuses its business in logistics. Thus, they have an important role in expanding the networks and making new friends from time to time. They have been growing bigger and they have created a lot of opportunities for the South African in order to decrease poverty and also unemployment.

Transnet has five divisions under its name. they are Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), Transnet Rail Engineering (TE), Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), Transnet Pipelines (TPL), and also Transnet Port Terminals (TPT). Moreover, there are also three specialists units under the name of Transnet too. They are Transnet Property (TP), Transnet Capital Projects (TCP), and also Transnet Foundation (TF).

Transnet Learnership Programme

Transnet also offers learnerships that facilitate the participants or learners to develop their skills. Generally, they offer annual Chartered Accountants Training (CAT) Programme. The learners will be dealing with the job training in the duration of a year.

This programme is divided into two, college training and also practical training. The college training will be done 30% while the rest is practical training. During the college training, the learners or the applicants will learn about the theory with its deeper detail and approaches.

They are demanded to have critical thinking based on certain situations. Meanwhile, the practical training means that you will apply what you have learned in real life. You will learn how to deal with unpredictable situation in real life. In other words, you have to know how to handle things responsibly that you have never learnt before.

Chartered Accountants Training (CAT) Programme

The most sought learnerships under the flag of Transnet is the Chartered Accountants Training (CAT) Programme. When you have always wanted to be a chartered accountant for your future career path, this is the one you need to participate.

Before starting to have the learnerships, both the learners and the employers should have signed the contract. During the three years of learnerships, there are training support, mentorships, and also practical skills.

The training support consists of some assessments which will be done from time to time and also exam technique courses. There will be revision courses, supplementary courses, and also general business management training.

One of the most favorite part in the training is about its mentorship. There will be a number of professionals to train the applicants in the field professionally. They have devoted most of their time to own experience for the great success in accounting.

General Transnet Learnership

Different companies might have offered different programme and duration of the learnerships. CAT programme indeed offers longer period of the learnerships, however, there are other learnerships that offer shorter duration. Some programme might only offer 12 months learnerships to complete.

Moreover, there will be some additional processes to complete in order to get the standard of Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). Any kinds of recognition can be finished before one year learnership ends. When you have complete the learnership programme, you will get the qualification that was given by the nation.

Benefits of Transnet Learnership

For those who are curious about the benefits that they will get during the Transnet learnership, here they are. The learners will experience some benefits of this learnership.

Experience is one of the most precious thing that all of you might have wanted to have. Having a year of experience can improve the chance to get better work in the future. Some people say that having a year of experience is worth 3 years of studying in the college.

The work experiences that they have gotten in the middle of the learnerships can make you set up a small business. In contrast, you can expand your network when you still want to sharpen your skills instead of running a small business.

As a result, when you have got this learnership, you will have great foundation in running your own business. However, it is also possible for you to expand your knowledge and skills by taking another learnerships by Transnet. When you have put your passion and interest in your learnerships, you will enjoy and the result would never be disappointing.

Transnet Learnership Requirements

In order to apply for the learnership, there are some requirements that the learners have to fulfill. First, the applicants should be the citizen of South African. Second, the applicants should also have the Certificate in Theory of Accounting (CTA) as the minimum requirement.

The applicants have to currently be in their final year of BComp. It means that they have to do the one year Certificate in Theory of Accounting (CTA) Programme. For the skills and knowledge, the applicants need to have integrity and orientation towards the goal. Besides, they have to be assertive, reliable, and computer literate too.

However, when you haven’t finished your degree, you can attach the grade 12 certificate to show that you have finished your senior high school. Displaying excellent academic score can help you get more chance in obtaining the learnerships. Therefore, it is really important to keep up with your grades, not only for work but also for learnerships or internships.

In this learnership, numerical reasoning skills are essential to have. Both verbal and written communication skills are also important for the applicants to get higher chance of getting the job. When you have great time management, it would be a plus point for the applicants.

What if you still want to work with Transet? When Transnet thinks that you have made dramatic progress and shown satisfying result, you will earn a promotion. Sometimes you can get the offer to apply for the higher level of the learnerships too.

How to Apply for the Learnerships?

Applying for the learnerships isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. There are many things that you have to prepare and many steps in applying. When you want to apply for the CAT Programme learnerships, you can follow this step-by-step procedure to complete the application.

First of all, you need to download the application form from the official website in As the applicants, you need to fill the application form properly. It includes the full name, educational background, personal identity, and also other elements.

When you have completed filling out the application form, you need to register on the official website through the Careers section. As well as the application form, you also need to complete the profile on the websites. Unless you have finished the profile completion, you can’t apply for the learnerships.

You also need to remember that you have to fill the information all by yourself including signing and also adding attachment. For Transnet learnerships, it doesn’t matter to send the complete application form through the email. However, it isn’t possible for you to send the photocopied forms and unsigned forms.

For your reminder, you need to mention which learnerships that you want to apply. Don’t forget to attach the copies of your certificates if you have any. These copies of the certificates have to be certified within the last three months.

Opening and Closing Date of Learnerships

Taking the learnerships help the applicants or learners to gain work experiences. Therefore, it must be something helpful and advantageous for them to get the learnerships and get paid at the same time.

For 2020, you can’t get the chance to get the learnerships as it ended in July 2020. Since Transnet sometimes opened learnerships many times in a year, you can prepare for the learnership from now to get better qualifications and perform well.

You should visit the official website from time to get the notification about the availability of the learnership. Sometimes they don’t announce that they have opened the new learnerships, thus, they have to check it from time to time. The most important thing is that you need to have all the requirements fulfilled to make sure that you will be considered for the job.

As a conclusion, Transnet learnership is one of the most sought by the learners when they want to find learnership in South Africa. It gives big chances to have a decent job that you like, wide networking for your career path, and also different working environment.

When you make yourself employable and trustable, the company will reconsider of hiring or giving promotion. Don’t make mistakes in filling out the application forms and don’t forget to choose the learnerships post that you like to apply. If you make mistakes even in slight errors, they will be able to know how much dedication that you have put for this learnership.

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